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【Kazakhstan】Howen VSS Has Been Deloyed in Pavlodar
Time: 2017/11/22 14:20:52

In this September, the police cars inPavlodar have been equipped with HOWEN VSS. It gets wide attention by localmedia since it can improve efficiency of Pavlodar police since it can recordevery evidence. All the actions by police officers will be recorded into FHDvideos and GPS information.

HOWEN VSS (Vehicle Service System) wasspecific designed for various vehicle business including police cards, schoolbuses, logistics, and other commercial vehicles. HOWEN Mobile DVR and MobileData Terminal can deliver only professional GPS tracking and surveillanceservices for vehicles. On the other hand, it has professional software whichcan deliver professional tracking services and detailed reports based ondifferent vehicle business.

HOWEN VSS starts serving for Pavlodarpolice cars since this September, and it receives praises from local media andmost of all police officers. In this solution, HOWEN SD MDVR, Hero-ME41-04, hasbeen integrated in this solution as it has built-in G-sensor which can detectharsh break and harsh acceleration, so the CMS (central management software)can get the alarms from the devices, indicating emergency happens. On the otherhand, the Pavlodar patrols equipped with HOWEN HD cameras can record everydetail on the roads. 

Further, all the GPS, video and alarm datawill transfer to the servers of police station so that the evidence would notbe damaged by others. It provides the officers key evidence without any problemthrough hard disks or file downloading. "This will help to exclude thepossibility of corruption by the police, who cannot erase or delete the record,just as the drivers cannot do it," said Zhiger Aipov, chief specialist ofthe Department of Technical Services of the Regional Department of InternalAffairs.

PavlodarPolice Program Reported by Local Media