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Al Ithihad School Bus Project

Situation and Requirements

Al Ithihad School is a famous school in UAE, having several branches, running a lot of school buses. And in this project, the school need to deploy mobile surveillance system on the buses.

The system should be of high reliability, requiring little maintenance

Howen's mobile DVR has been widely used in education area, catering to all kinds of school bus application and its quality and cost-effectiveness has won Howen pretty high reputation in this industry. This reputation and successful project experience appeal to Al Ithihad School to choose Howen as the vendor.

Our Solution and Benefits for Customer

Howen provided its mobile surveillance system for school buses including analog camera (Hero-FDN series and Hero-FDC series) and mobile DVR (Hero-MD series) since the year 2011.

Howen’s mobile DVR system, which can still work for 30 minutes even the bus engine switch, is able to receive the panic button alarm if any student left on the bus by incident. The wide range of input voltage (8-36 V) strengthened the reliability of Howen's DVR. With mini monitor on vehicle, and Howen's powerful and user-friendly monitoring interface, the drivers could be easily aware of students’ behaviors. GPS module was applied in the project, to acquire real-time location. The mobile DVR used rubber damper to withstand vibration, enhancing the life endurance of storage medium and saving a lot of cost for maintenance.

Until now, Howen's products are still running well, continuously protecting student's lives. The customer plans to apply Howen's mobile DVR on more branch schools and upgrade current system, for example, integrating 3G and WiFi function.