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UAE Diesel Tankers Project

Situation and Requirements

UAE is one of the most important countries for oil and gas producing, running innumerable oil tankers. For the transportation of dangerous goods, safe driving is much more urgent than common trucks. So we are seeing increasingly strong demand for reliable vehicle surveillance system.
In this diesel tanker project, the customer need to deploy mobile monitoring system on their diesel tankers, to regulate operation, enhance safe driving, save cost, prevent fatigue driving, and preserve evidence for insurance claim.

The system is required to be able to transmit data remotely to the control center. But to rent static IP is costly and the budget is limited.

Our Solution and Benefits for Customer
Howen's analog camera (Hero-V1 series and Hero-V8 series) and mobile DVR (Hero-ME series) are used in this project. Howen’s mobile system performs well with its anti-vibration and water-proof ability, meeting the requirement for long journey transportation. And the system can also withstand the high temperature in UAE.
To meet the requirement of remote transmission of data, Howen MDVR supports DDNS configuration, which can connect the server remotely by domain name, saving a lot of cost for customer. 
After deployment and pilot run, the customer gave high appraisals to Howen.