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HW-PCC01 People Counting Camera
Style: Accessory
Howen People Counting Camera for Bus
Hero-VS20-0704 7 inch 4 Window Split Monitor
Style: Accessory
4 split windows vehicle monitor with mobile dvr for vehicle CCTV systems
HW-CLS01,HW-CLS02 Capacitive Vehicle Fuel Level Sensor
Style: Accessory
Vehicle Fuel Sensor can integrated with mobile DVR for monitoring vehicle fuel.
HW-FD01 Fatigue Driving Camera
Style: Accessory
Bran-new Fatigue Driving Camera/driver safety camera, gives a warning of fatigue drive by means of image recognition and driving behavior analysis to decrease accidents caused by fatigue driving
HW-CRRS01 RFID Card reader
Style: Accessory
RFID Card Reader for buses
Analog Vehicle Screen Hero-VS10-0701
Style: Accessory
7” TFT Vehicle Screen for Mobile DVR
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