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Vehicle Mobile Data Terminal
Hero-MDT-AT2 Rugged Android Tablet PC
Style: Rugged Android MDT
Rugged Android Tablet PC for Vehicle dispatch & fleet Management System
Hero-MDT-AT5-GPS Best 7 inch Mobile Data Terminal for fleet managem
Style: Rugged Android MDT
Howen Mobile Data Terminal also called rugged tablet PC, can integrated with camera, NFC, Taxi Printer ,Advertisement screen for Taxi monitoring solution .
Hero-MDT-AT5 High-end Quad-core Capacitive Touch Screen MDT
Style: Rugged Android MDT
Leading High-end Quad-core Capacitive Touch Screen Mobile Data terminal.
WinCE Mobile Data Terminal Hero-MDT-WT2
Mobile Data Terminal China (MDT China) for fleet management based on the WINCE6.0 operating system
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