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Application Requirements
With the rapid growth of electronic commerceand express delivery, logistics transportation is developing fast, acting like the arteries of the economy. An increasing number of trucks, including oil tanker, cash truck, cargo lorry, container truck, join into all kinds of logistics fleets, deliveringgoods through thousands of miles. Meanwhile, logistics companies and truck fleets are always exposed to below problems and concerns.
  *Market share shrinking and no competiveness due to low management efficiency and high operation cost?
  *Disordered delivery service and outdated equipment are influencing your company image?
  *Companies running hundreds of trucks have difficulties in remote dispatch and communication?
  *Some drivers steal the fuel and privately carry unauthorized goods in the long journey?
  *Endless arguing with customers for disappeared or stolen goods?
  *No evidence to provide for investigation and insurance claim after a robbery or accident?
  *No timely report and response when incident occurs?
  *Fatigue driving?
  *Over loading orover speed?

Therefore, more and more logistics companies are calling forsuitable solution to achieve centralized and intelligent management. And, the system should be cost-effective to save money for companies, and able to withstand the harsh vibration temperaturein trucks.

HowenMobile DVR Solution
To meet all these demands, Howen provides logistics companies with the most suitable mobile surveillance solution, comprising of full tested mobile DVR, vehicle cameras and wireless transmission products.
  *Reliable and stable storage to recordvideo and audio, for evidence and staff evaluation
  *G-sensor, alarm report and other emergency alert provide safer driving and quick response to danger or crime
  *Fuel level detection and the camera monitoring the fuel tank protect the fuel from being stolen
  *Integrated 3G/LTE module enables remote view and command from the control center of logistics companies.The Central Management Software supports functions like electronic fence, GIS management and vehicle data log, convenient for fleet management, preventing unauthorized carriage and fuel loss.
  *The specially designed rubber damper and springs enable Howen’s mobile DVR to withstand the harsh vibration in long journey trucks. With water-proof and thermal design, the system can perform well in extreme weather, which is quite usual for logistics vehicles
  *Cost are saved by process control and system design. All the DVRs and cameras have passed the system-level quality check, to ensure the ultimate reliability, proven by many cases of logistics trucks running in different countries


Advantages of Howen Solution
Anti-vibration and water-proof design. Ability to perform well in wide temperature range
Vandal proof housing and data encryption technology
  *Cost-effective with proven quality
  *Stable and robust storage, support SD card, HDD and SSD
  *GPRS/3G/LTEnetwork, GPS location tracking, convenient for fleet management
  *Easy to install and operate, friendly user interface
  *High power 5GWiFi CPE and dual band outdoor AP, providing powerful data uploading