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Howen Mobile DVR Solution
Now, Howen’s Mobile DVR system provides you with the most trustworthy and intelligent school bus solution, which can:

   Integrate RFID card reader.The short message service will generate report immediately to remind the teacher and parents of the boarding status of children

  Eliminate over-loading and unsafe driving

  Monitor and evaluate driver’s behavior, and provide reference to regulate the driver and accompany staff

  Support all kinds ofalarm inputand report to the control center via 3G/LTE network. Quick response to accidents and reinforce human rescue

  Acquire real-time video and audio, as an evidence in a court of law or for insurance claim purposes

  Record and transmit vehicle status(GPS, oil, driver ID…) for safer driving and remote fleet management

  Auto-upload the stored datato central management system with Howen’s high power 5G WiFi CPE and dual band AP.