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Application Requirements
Public transportation is always an importantissuefor both government and citizens.Along with the increasing life quality and safety concern,we can see strongdemand of public bus, taxi, tour bus and inter-city busfor in-vehicle surveillance and intelligent management.
  *Monitor the activities inside the bus for safe driving. Alarm trigger for quick response
  *Acquire, restore and backup evidence for disputing conflicts, crime investigation and lawsuit
  *Evaluate and regulate the driver’s behavior
  *Live view transmission, more efficient fleet management, route dispatch
  *Cost-effective and reliable surveillance solution
  *In-vehicle WiFi service to improve passenger’s experience


Howen  Mobile DVR Solution
To enhance intelligent city public transportation system and secure citizen’s lives, Howen provides the state-of-the-art mobile surveillance system, which consists of the multi-channel mobile DVR, reliable vehicle cameras, Central Management Software, onboard monitor and transmission modules.
  *Real-time high definition in-vehicle monitoring, multi resolution recording, auto-uploading via WIFI, and video playback, for order control, law enforcement and regulating driver’s behavior
  *Vehicle status displaying, including GPS location, speed, helps driver make decision and prevents traffic accidents
  *Various alarm report, enables quick response for incidents, enhancing driver and passenger’s safety
With GPS and 3G modules, support locationtracking, data log, electronic fence, remote live view, intercom and intelligent dispatching. Convenient for fleet management
  *In-vehicle 3G/LTEWiFi router, providing WiFi coverage for surfing the internet
  *High power 5 G WiFi CPE and dual band outdoor AP for fastest data backing up


Advantages of Howen Solution
Howen mobile DVR system has been installed in many buses, and has proven itself with:
  *High reliability and robustness, with wide input voltage range, and ability to withstand harsh vibration environment
  *Compact design, and easy installation
  *State-of-the-art encryption technology and vandal proof performance, protecting the system from accidents and intended damage
  *Vandal proof housing, prevent intended damage
  *Redundant power supply: the system can still run for 30 minutes with UPS, even the bus engine switch off
  *Professional customization meeting your specific requirements
  *Cost-effectiveness with system level reliability
  *Reliable in-vehicle WIFI coverage using 3G router
  *High power 5GWiFi CPE and dual band AP with the highest transmission rate and cover range