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Walmart Chile Boosts Fleet Surveillance Infrastructure with Howen

Walmart fleet ships millions of products every day, and is one of the largest distribution businesses in the world. In order to ensure that all aspects of the supply chain function properly, thousands of tractors, trailers and drivers are required to complete the task. In this case, they face many road safety-related problems every year, and […]

Howen VSS Protects Coca-Cola Freight of Columbia

Recently Howen provided complete Vehicle Service System for Coca-Cola fleets in Columbia. Full solution including video surveillance, fuel management, tracking and dispatch are now protecting trucks of this world’s leading beverage provider and improving its logistics efficiency. Howen’s full-featured VSS software platform offers all-day monitoring in the backend For more details of the solution, please […]

Howen New Smart Dashcam to Secure Your Every Mile

  #Innovation has never stopped and Howen just released its first Smart Dashcam for truck, trailer, pickup, taxi, and more commercial vehicles. We include everything crucial into this powerful dashcam by the research in the video telematics and fleet management industries. After months of development, we achieve some incredible functions on this body such as […]

Howen Release the Latest MDT: AT5 V2 for Vehicle Dispatch

Howen released its latest MDT model MDT-AT5 V2. AT5 V2 is an intelligent and rugged Android 7.1 tablet specialized for commercial taxi dispatch management. From the outside, it adopts a cutting-edge design that is much more compact and elegant than the previous MDT model. Although we redesign the product, we are not compromised with the […]

AI Thermal Monitor Prevent Covid-19 for U.S. Food Bank

Watch the video to learn how the owners feel about our thermal monitor solution From Fox 4 News, Howen AI Thermal Detectors were deployed in Texas South East Food Bank to help prevent covid-19. The thermal monitor solution can effectively execute contactless temperature checks and reinforce mask-wearing in the workplace, which productively reduces staff pressure […]

Howen AI Thermal Detector Safeguarded Canadian Businesses in Holiday Operation

Watch the video to learn how the owners feel about our thermal solution. A local restaurant in Canada opened confidently in the holiday season by using Howen AI Thermal Detector. The exceptional temperature detection capability guaranteed effective screen-out at the first access of the business, plus the accurate facial recognition effortlessly detected whether the mask […]

Howen All-in-one AI MDVR on Wialon

Howen have been dedicated to accelerating the development of AI video telematics solution. Recently, they joined hands with Wialon and have successfully integrated the AI MDVR with the platform. Wialon as one of the biggest and powerful GPS tracking systems provides diverse IoT tracking solutions to over 2.6 million vehicles from different countries. The applications […]