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Uruguay Public Bus Using Howen MDT Solution

Background The population of Uruguay is about 3.5 million. In order to secure effective management for fleets of public service buses, Uruguay adopts the VSS solution, which is provided by Howen. “Howen will have a further development of business in Uruguay to provide better service. Future, everything is possible.” Howen Product Manager Charles said. Challenge […]

Howen MDVR Integrates New Features in 3Dtracking

Howen is dedicated to developing products that customers trust, and has established in-depth cooperation with various well-known software companies. 3Dtracking, which is one of the famous FMS companies that cooperates with Howen. 3Dtracking focuses on R&D, operation and maintenance of their cloud-based software that integrates many telematics hardware of leading brands. 3Dtracking currently monitors in excess of […]

Qatar’s Largest Driving School Utilizes Howen VSS

Customer Background With more than 100,000 successful student graduates, Dalla Driving Academy is one of the most reputable choices for Expats. The school offer training programs for drivers of all ages and experience levels. Dalla Driving Academy is devoted to provide the students with professional training courses and also secure and pleasant learning experience. Challenge […]

Howen Awarded VSS Project for Tourist Bus in Portugal

In recent years, the tourism business in Europe has developed rapidly. Many tourists have come here for its world-famous attractions. Therefore, there is a great demand for tourist buses in Europe. According to the feedback from travel agencies, tourists often leave belonging on the bus, and luggage theft occasionally occurs, which affects the travel experience […]

Howen Mobile DVR Deployed for Bus in Philippines

News from Philippines: MANILA, Philippines – In a bid to deter robberies inside buses, legislator has filed a bill, requiring bus firms install surveillance cameras inside their units nationally. Paranaque City Rep. Eric Olivare said House Bill 3704 was enforced to install a video surveillance system in every public utility bus which enables bus operators […]

Howen Awarded VSS Project for Oil & Gas Truck in Russia

Breaking news: According to Russian media reports, a tanker truck carrying 500 litres of fuel exploded on a mountain road near Karpinsk city in Northern Sverdlovsk region. The oil tanker carrying passengers illegally turned over into a roadside trench due to uncontrollable speeding, and subsequently burned and exploded, causing 7 injured and 4 dead.   […]

Howen MDVR Deployed for Oil & Gas Truck in Dominica

Oil & Gas Truck is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives- gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and so on. Although the vehicle was designed with safety in mind, the crash, leakage and explosion of oil & gas tanker caused by risky driver behaviour could lead to lots of casualties, and exert huge […]

Paraguay Public Bus Guarded By Howen VSS

The Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America. Its southern border is entirely bordered by Argentina, while the northeast corners Brazil. The public bus is the primary transportation tool in the country. It helps the country to connect with surrounding states and regions. To solve the commute problem for local people, Paraguay […]

Howen Smart MDT Deployed in Spain Logistics Trucks

With the increasing economy and accelerating business development, the transportation industry has become a fast-growing sector, and logistics, an important part of the transportation market, is worth paying attention to improve. What are the essential points of creating more efficient fleet management for logistics? 1. Real-time interaction between driver and central management 2. The status […]

Howen Awarded Kuwait Cash Van VSS Project

As known, Cash Van is widely applied to the banking business and transports valuables, such as cash, notes and securities every day. According to the survey, cash van crimes occasionally happen all over the world, such as robbery, theft and accidents, which threaten the safe delivery. Therefore, safety and security are always getting concerned. The […]

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