AVM 360°
around view system

Realize a 360° panoramic view around the vehicle, without any blind spots

Howen 360AVM system

Howen 360 AVM system is a special 360° panorama designed for large commercial vehicles such as passenger cars, school buses, trucks, and three-hazard transport vehicles.


Parking assist

Perfect parking as viewed from the top of the vehicle.

Easy driving

Easy lane change.

Record function

Record 360° images of vehicles for accident evidence.

Accident prevention

Avoid the dangers of narrow roads and rural roads.

Key Advantages

360° Seamless Panonamic Video Monitoring System for Comercial Vehicles.

Fast response

Higher recognition ability and speed, can quickly identify driving misbehavior, can control rapid warning within milliseconds

Strong anti-interference

The algorithm can adapt to various weather conditions and can identify stably in different light conditions

Compatible with various vehicles

The solution can be customized directional design according to different models and different interior positions

Flexible Deployment

Wide-angle cameras are installed in the front, rear, left and right directions of the vehicle body to observe the surrounding conditions of the vehicle body through the screen.

Easy installation

✔ Easy operations to Splice

 Wide range of adaptations

Parameter export/import

Suitable for a variety of vehicles

Advanced Splice Technology

Sony sensor , Wide 180 degree

Bird view +Single channel

Auto-trigger of multiple views

Vehicle Model optional

Easy to expend

 Rich output: AHD /CVBS /HDMI

 Support connect MDVR

Only occupy 1 channel of MDVR

Get Full Visibility around Your Vehcile

All-round monitoring without dead angle

Combined with 4 or more cameras, the monitor displays a full view, helping the driver to grasp all the surrounding environment in real time without blind spots.

AVM bird's-eye view for easier parking

Stitch the AVM screen with images from multiple cameras to help drivers park more easily by better understanding the vehicle's surroundings from a virtual bird's-eye view above the vehicle.

Pedestrian and Vehcile Detection

By analyzing the moving azimuth and distance of pedestrians, motor vehicles, and obstacles moving around the vehicle, the system will remind drivers in time to avoid danger.