Uruguay Public Bus Using Howen MDT Solution

The population of Uruguay is about 3.5 million. In order to secure effective management for fleets of public service buses, Uruguay adopts the VSS solution, which is provided by Howen. “Howen will have a further development of business in Uruguay to provide better service. Future, everything is possible.” Howen Product Manager Charles said.
With the development of the passenger flow volume, Uruguay bus companies want to lower the most of human cost and improve operation efficiency, so they decide to implement a powerful system, which includes electronic ticketing system, payment system, drive attendance system, emergency intercom, mileage calculation, and the site parking.


Howen focuses on the VSS market, providing the high-performance solution for Uruguay.

  • Improve operation efficiency
    Howen combines the MDT, POS and Printer together so that the solution can provide the passengers invoices expediently. The administrator can manage the status of the vehicle in real-time. Emergency intercom can help administrators deal with accidents more quickly than before.
  • Customization
    Howen MDT solution gives the customer high convenience, so they can develop their own application and operate it on the Howen MDT devices. The advantage of the solution is bringing more flexibility

Below is a video of the application scenario:

Howen MDVR Integrates New Features in 3Dtracking

Howen is dedicated to developing products that customers trust, and has established in-depth cooperation with various well-known software companies.

3Dtracking, which is one of the famous FMS companies that cooperates with Howen. 3Dtracking focuses on R&D, operation and maintenance of their cloud-based software that integrates many telematics hardware of leading brands. 3Dtracking currently monitors in excess of 100,000 vehicles across 70 countries in the world.

Through the hardworking of Howen and 3Dtracking, the 3Dtracking platform has integrated Howen full range of MDVR.

Now the following features are available for Howen MDVRs in 3DTracking:

  • Historical recording playback from 3Dtracking platform web browser.
  • Historical evidence video uploaded from MDVR to server base on alarm trigger, such as IO, harsh brake and harsh acceleration etc.
  • Report downloading from 3D tracking platform for data analysis.


Howen is very pleased to have this win-win collaboration with 3Dtracking, which benefits not only 3Dtracking users but also Howen hardware users.

If you`re interested in our solutions with 3Dtracking, kindly feel free to contact Howen support team or 3Dtracking for further information by info@howentech.com or sales@3dtracking.com.

Qatar’s Largest Driving School Utilizes Howen VSS

Customer Background

With more than 100,000 successful student graduates, Dalla Driving Academy is one of the most reputable choices for Expats. The school offer training programs for drivers of all ages and experience levels. Dalla Driving Academy is devoted to provide the students with professional training courses and also secure and pleasant learning experience.


With the increasing amount of students in Dalla Driving Academy there`s a huge demand on vehicle, which also leads to growing rate of accidents caused by bad driving bahaviour. Thus the school needs to take measures to prevent accident and to ensure the effectiveness of fleet management and accuracy of daily operation.

Solution & Benefit

As leading MDVR and MDT manufacturer, Howen brings remarkable benefits to the driving school:

  • Improve the operation safety

Howen MDVR enabled the student driving security assurance. Combined with the video cameras, now the administrator can real time monitor the students’ behaviour to prevent unexpected accident. This not only makes the students feel more secure while learning but also makes it easier for the instructors to monitor teaching process.

  • Save operation cost

Operation efficiency increasing by 80%. The solution not only dramatically reduce the bad driving that cause the accident, but also minimized the loss and avoid the accident. Now the school save much on labor cost from real time monitor video.

In the future, Howen will make progress together on VSS and develop smart, intelligent products with partners to build a safer world.

Howen Awarded VSS Project for Tourist Bus in Portugal

In recent years, the tourism business in Europe has developed rapidly. Many tourists have come here for its world-famous attractions. Therefore, there is a great demand for tourist buses in Europe.

According to the feedback from travel agencies, tourists often leave belonging on the bus, and luggage theft occasionally occurs, which affects the travel experience of tourists.

Howen’s client owns thousands of tourist buses in Portugal. They are now making progress on fleet management.

To help the client improve the efficiency and operation of tourist bus management, Howen provided a special-designed, reliable and multi-functional product (Hero-ME31-08)and a powerful, comprehensive vehicle service system (VSS) solution for the client.

With 6 channel cameras of video input and cameras installed in the proper place on the bus, Howen’s MDVR provides a full range of video surveillance on the bus to ensure the safety of passengers. The crime rate of theft on the bus has significantly dropped after applying our solution.

Tourist Bus Solution

Howen also used people counter system on the bus. When people get on or off the bus, our MDVR can get the number of people by image recognition and report the information to the VSS platform in real-time. It’s beneficial for our client to understand the daily operation status of buses, make reasonable operation plans, and improve management efficiency.

Howen is a leading supplier and solution provider on VSS solution of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Howen aims to make a safer ride possible for everyone on the road.



Howen Mobile DVR Deployed for Bus in Philippines

News from Philippines:

MANILA, Philippines – In a bid to deter robberies inside buses, legislator has filed a bill, requiring bus firms install surveillance cameras inside their units nationally.

Paranaque City Rep. Eric Olivare said House Bill 3704 was enforced to install a video surveillance system in every public utility bus which enables bus operators to detect the vehicle in real-time.

As a leading Mobile DVR manufacturer from China, Howen got the requirement and specially developed two models of mobile DVR which are suitable for Philippines bus surveillance:

Hero-ME40-04A version and Hero-ME40-04 B version support long time recording for around 300 hours. The two models with built-in G-sensor, GPS, and an ethernet port for connecting to exist 3G/4G WIFI router and link to CMS/FMS server remotely.

Thousands of Howen MDVR were deployed for buses in the Philippines. The MDVR surveillance solution will allow the bus operator to timely alert the law enforcement authorities that a crime is currently happening inside a certain bus in a certain place, helping the police for the evidence analysis and reducing criminals.

Howen Awarded VSS Project for Oil & Gas Truck in Russia

Breaking news:

According to Russian media reports, a tanker truck carrying 500 litres of fuel exploded on a mountain road near Karpinsk city in Northern Sverdlovsk region. The oil tanker carrying passengers illegally turned over into a roadside trench due to uncontrollable speeding, and subsequently burned and exploded, causing 7 injured and 4 dead.


Most of the traffic accidents are caused by bad driving behaviour, which included:

  • Driver over speed, harsh brake, harsh acceleration
  • Fatigue Driving, Distraction Driving

Therefore, stronger measures need to be taken to prevent such traffic accidents, and the government is now focusing on more effective regulation and supervision on the road fatalities.

Recently, Howen was awarded another Vehicle Service System project for Oil & Gas truck in Russia.

The oil & gas industry is a significant business of the Russian economy. It brings not only rich economic benefits to Russia but also plays an important part which can influence their international and regional politics.

As one of the oil & gas industry leader in Russia, the client has hundreds of oil & gas trucks running in the country. As thus, strengthening the fleet management is incredibly urgent for the client.

To meet the client demanding, Howen designed an industry-leading end to end solution for the project, including mobile DVR solution and fatigue detection solution along with world-famous FMS platform Wialon, and Howen CMS platform. When any fatigue detected or alarm triggered, Howen VSS system will upload the alarm video clip to the centre server for evidence analysis.

Howen is looking forward to cooperating in more projects with partners in various kinds of industries in the future to explore the development direction of the VSS industry and jointly create a safer world.

Howen MDVR Deployed for Oil & Gas Truck in Dominica

Oil & Gas Truck is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives- gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and so on. Although the vehicle was designed with safety in mind, the crash, leakage and explosion of oil & gas tanker caused by risky driver behaviour could lead to lots of casualties, and exert huge impact on the reputation of fleet owners.

The security management of oil transportation is one of the biggest issues concerning the loss of life and money. Therefore, it’s essential to take protective measures to prevent accidents.

Recently, Howen MDVR has been deployed on oil & gas trucks in Dominica.

Dominica is located in the Caribbean island of Hispaniola east, which is rich in mineral resources. Howen’s partner has been dedicated to fleet management for years, and need to ensure all the operation from the oil depot to gas station is safety and efficiency.

With over 10 years’ experience on VSS, Howen solution was recognised as the best to address the following security and efficiency challenges.

  • The prevention of fuel theft
  • Risky driver behaviour such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration

Howen offered the most advanced technologies for the project, and some key technologies were deployed in Dominica:

The model with built-in GPS modules can track the fleet location, and support built-in G-sensor for harsh acceleration detection, which can remind the driver to decelerate, avoid the traffic accident caused by bad driving behaviour.

  • No blind angle

In this project, Howen offered the full range monitoring to help the client surveille on-site situation with clear sound and video, including the front view camera and side-view camera.

Moreover, Howen provided the explosion-proof camera and tunnel, which is specially designed for oil & gas truck.

  • Fuel decrease alarm report

Fuel theft is always a big headache. It brings potential risks and huge losses to the client. Now by using Howen CMS platform, the client can receive the oil report by the platform. When the fuel decreases abnormal, it triggers the alarm.

The project will significantly help the client improve management capabilities for oil & gas truck, avoiding great losses and accident.

In the past serval years, Howen has done lots of successful projects for oil & gas truck, such as TOTAL, Shell, Linde, and so on. Howen is proud of bringing benefits to clients all over the world.

Paraguay Public Bus Guarded By Howen VSS

The Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America. Its southern border is entirely bordered by Argentina, while the northeast corners Brazil. The public bus is the primary transportation tool in the country. It helps the country to connect with surrounding states and regions.

To solve the commute problem for local people, Paraguay provides cross-border buses for people to travel between Brazil and Argentina, which brings convenience and benefits to every party.

Therefore, in the construction and the improvement of the transportation facilities, the public vehicle safety issue is a concern of the government.

Howen’s client runs the biggest company in the country and faces the vehicle management challenge as many other major operators.

As a leading supplier and solution provider on VSS, Howen has rich experience in designing optimized solutions based on different demands and various situations.

After one year of Howen technical support and professional services, all of the requirements were satisfied, and Howen won the project.

Howen offered the economic MDVR (Hero-ME41-04) that could support dual streams and real-time monitor for local recording, and built-in G-Sensor for harsh acceleration.

With Howen cost-effective VSS solution, the client is not only able to save operation costs and avoid high losses led by traffic accidents, but also make contributions to the modernization of public transportation.



Howen Smart MDT Deployed in Spain Logistics Trucks

With the increasing economy and accelerating business development, the transportation industry has become a fast-growing sector,

and logistics, an important part of the transportation market, is worth paying attention to improve.

What are the essential points of creating more efficient fleet management for logistics?
1. Real-time interaction between driver and central management
2. The status of goods delivery
3. Job & task scheduling
4. Optimized route scheduling
5. Fuel consumption report.
Recently, Howen was awarded another project for logistics trucks in Spain. The client was facing the following problems:
Communication latency
Drivers are unable to communicate with the management team in real-time.
Low work efficiency
The workflow Data and reports cannot be sent together to the platform.
After deep-study of the client’s requirements, Howen, with rich experience on VSS, provided the most suitable solution with the intelligent
Mobile Data Terminal.
Howen provided customization on MDT to support the client to integrate different kinds of accessories.
And the client can also track the trucks’ location and collect all the reports and data from the terminal.
With the help of Howen smart MDT solution, now the communication between drivers and dispatching centre has become much more efficient.
Moreover, the workflow has been streamlined than ever before, and logistics cost greatly reduced
The simple, efficient and reliable features of Howen equipment are winning the customers’ trust and praise. Howen will continue providing
the best and most cost-effective solutions to customers to create higher value for people’s car life.

Howen Awarded Kuwait Cash Van VSS Project

As known, Cash Van is widely applied to the banking business and transports valuables, such as cash, notes and securities every day. According to the survey, cash van crimes occasionally happen all over the world, such as robbery, theft and accidents, which threaten the safe delivery. Therefore, safety and security are always getting concerned.

The customer in Kuwait managed one of the largest cash van fleets in the country and owns hundreds of cash vans running every day. The fleet operator must ensure every detail running without any single mistake in routine work.

As the leading solution provider on VSS, Howen designed the most suitable solution which contains high-end model 8ch MDVR (Hero-ME31-08) with seven cameras to ensure the 360° angle view with no blind spots monitoring. Additionally, Howen provided the audio pick up and push to talk for collecting more explicit evidence and improving the communication efficiency between drivers and control centre.

Howen not only helps the client enhance the security precautions but also bring advanced technologies to the whole cash van industry.



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