Mini Dual Lens Camera Released


Recently, Howen released a brand-new dual-lens camera which is specially designed for trucking, taxi and other commercial vehicles, providing front and cabin viewing with easiest installation. It can save huge operation cost and improve efficiency.

  • New digital exposure function can achieve good image effects between different light and contrast conditions.
  • High-temperature resistance, work stable under high-temperature operation.
  • Anti-vibration, wide voltage 8V-18V, professional-designed for in-vehicle environment.
  • High-definition pickups,effective detection range up to 25㎡.
  • Providing both internal (125 degrees) and external (110 degrees) wide-angle viewing with starvis technology.


Super Mini Two Channel MDVR Release

With our R&D team’s hard work, We have released new arrive super mini 2CH Mobile DVR product, so small size but powerful function that’s with the advanced high end technologies and it’s most cost-effectiveness.

Comparing with the traditional dash camera, our 2CH MDVR has a lot of advantages.
Split design can avoid the overheating.

With H.265 compression, saving up to 50% of the storage and transmission bandwidth.

Support local recording, live streaming remotely, and alarm recording auto upload to server
base on alarm trigger, while some of the integrated dash cam only support alarm recording
upload to server but could not support live streaming.

Our solution support ACC trigger ON,  ACC delay function, high voltage protection and low
voltage protection function.

This product is suitable for most transportation commercial vehicles
(Logistics truck, Oil&Gas truck, Mining truck, Taxi, Van, Minibus, etc.).

With our rich experience and good reputation, we’ve done many successful projects around
the world.

AI in Vehicle Service System

Artificial Intelligence, is also called AI. It has been widely used in application of simulation, advanced and extension for methodologies, techniques, and theories. AI is one of the branches in computer science. General speaking, AI need supporting from three main aspects, hardware (chipset, server, Internet), algorithm and libraries of data. Every aspect of these is really important to the performance and they work relying on each other. When comes to Internet of Vehicle (IoV), it was working with GPS, RFID, sensors and cameras so that all the vehicles information can be collected to the “cloud”. Moreover, AI runs as “brain” of vehicles so that they can handle all the data and come out with “responses”, like ADAS, auto-driving and other driver behavior analysis.

Driving Status Monitoring System (DSM)

HOWEN DSM, is designed especially for analyzing the driving behaviors like fatigue, smoking, distraction. Further, it can work with HOWEN ME series mobile DVR™ as a complete solution for various commercial vehicle industries, such as logistics, transportation, taxi, school bus etc.

By using this system, manager is able to check the status of drivers in the fleet and it can draw out different reports for analysis. Further, videos of these situations can be recorded by Howen mobile DVRs and uploaded to both servers and platforms.

Last but not least, as Howen VSS has been successfully integrated into different FMS (fleet management software), which provide customers more options for choosing the best software close to their applications and requirements.

System Key Features
· Compact Design;

· Working from –20 to 70℃;

· Suitable for different environments;

· 95% Accuracy of Driving Behavior Detection;

· Prevent 90% accidents happened by bad driving behaviors;

Avoid Over Load – Howen Passenger Counter

This month, Howen people counter was officially released and available for pre-order now. It was design specifically for public transportation since nowadays over-loading become one of the most significant issues in transport operations. As Howen is one of the pioneers introducing AI technologies into video telematics, Howen people counter built-in AI algorithm is able to solve the headache of public bus operation.


Nowadays, AI technologies is one of the most popular word in telematics. However, maybe most of people still do not know how this can benefit to video telematics and what can it do in our life.

Howen people counters, is totally designed for the transportation buses since over-load cases is serious problem in some countries like Latin America or Middle-east countries. With special designed cameras sensors and image processor box, Howen people counters can catch the images and count the number of people into the system when people get on or off the bus. This function is all done by efficient algorithm by defining the heads of people so that the sensor. In this way, by connecting to Howen mobile DVR, the data will transfer to the MDVR and display in the VSS CMS or other third-party FMS (fleet management software). By using this function, bus companies can check the ticket fee by confirming the number of the passengers.

Last but not least, this function is also useful in school bus Vehicle Service System, by checking the number of students on the school bus, administrators can know how many children get to school or still in the bus. It is also important that it can remind the managers if there is some student left in the school bus in some case.

Economic 4 Ch HDD MDVR Release

The latest Howen 4 Channel AHD HDD Mobile DVR, Hero-ME31-04, has been release in this December. Although, this model is for economic market, it fully supports all the functions same as other Howen Mobile DVR ME Series™. Further, it has passed military standard vibration test, MIL-STD-810G (ISO16750). CE, FCC, E-Mark certifications are all available for this model which provides customers a cost-competitive but stable solution for various vehicle surveillance solutions.

This model can support the 4 channel AHD High Definition video recording and video output. As this model is specially designed for hard drive storage, it can support 2TB storage that roughly can hold 1~2 months recordings well protection. Besides, there is also a SD card slot for extended storage. It can support 8 alarm inputs and 2 outputs. Further, there are plenty of communication interfaces for connecting alarm sensors and other devices, including RS485, RS232, RJ45, USB ports etc.

Hero-ME32-04 does not only deliver perfect hardware reliabilities but also software compatibilities. It can work with latest Howen VSS CMS (Central Management Software), which able provide professional fleet management services for different commercial vehicle business, such as logistics, oil/gas trucks, taxi, school bus, bus, police car etc.

New Cost-efficient Howen Mobile DVR Release

In this April, the most affordable Howen Mobile DVR, Hero-ME40-04, will be available for order, which provide another option for customers. Further, it is the most cost-competitive model among Howen MDVRs.

Although Hero-ME40-04 is the economic model in ME series, it provides decent stabilities and reliabilities with stylish and compact design. The unit price of Hero-ME40-04 can save nearly 30% comparing to other models of Howen Mobile DVR!

This model is specially design for the customers who only require video and location recording function (need to choose built-in GPS module as optional). Further, this model can support alarm input/output, RS232 and RS485 (optional) for connection different detectors or sensors for commercial vehicle usages. This model has not wireless transmission modules inside, so it can save a great amount of costs on hardware and software operations since customers do not need the monitors, build up their servers or recruit staff for control centers. It is suitable the customers who requires surveillance functions mainly for their fleets.

Last but not least, this economic model does not mean to be “cheap” by sacrificing the quality. Howen will stick on the policy that providing the best reliabilities and quality for every customer. For example, super-capacitor will be used inside this model, which is totally same as other models of HOWEN MDVR. It can protect the circuits inside mobile DVRs even there is electricity short. Hero-ME40-04 can support up to 4 channel HD video inputs and up to 512GB data for storage, which nearly can save around one-month videos and locations of vehicles.

Latest Wide-angle Vehicle Camera Available

Why we need wide-angle camera?
Product Model: Hero-C60S0V40-1MR
In camera systems of commercial vehicles, actually wide-angle cameras have been widely used since it can provide much more details for operators investigate. On the other hand, normal cameras cannot be able to capture all the viewing of vehicles since they are too big like school buses, trucks etc.

There are a number of manufacturers mentioned that they have got wide-angle cameras for commercial vehicles. Do they actually provide wide range of viewing with stable quality. In fact, we found that many manufactures use “opposite angles” or less angle of view than the spreadsheet it mentioned. Further, most of the cameras could not provide excellent night mode viewing since it wide-angle cameras require IR can be reach wider range for the scenes, which requires special design for the camera.


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