Howen New Smart Dashcam to Secure Your Every Mile


#Innovation has never stopped and Howen just released its first Smart Dashcam for truck, trailer, pickup, taxi, and more commercial vehicles. We include everything crucial into this powerful dashcam by the research in the video telematics and fleet management industries.

After months of development, we achieve some incredible functions on this body such as dual FHD super-wide-angle adjustable lenses, H.265 coded video, effortless installation design, comprehensive network modules and sensors, rich and extendable interfaces, etc.

Howen All-in-one Smart Dashcam is specialized for commercial vehicle applications (truck, trailer, pickup, taxi, etc.). It features front- and rear- facing wide-angle 1080P cameras which allow it to synchronously captures both front and rear view of the vehicle. The super-wide-angle lens maximizes visible area to 3 lanes and minimizes blind spots. Starlight image sensor + WDR record the most details


Additionally takes one more step to challenge the boundary of the traditional dashcam. It utilizes High-Efficiency Video Coding (H.265) that reduces about 40% of video size, which results in saving 40% of the data cost and time used for transferring the files, making download video from the cloud more accessible.


You will never find such an effortless installation way to install a dashcam until you meet Howen Smart Dashcam. The paste-and-go design cut down set up time which could add up saving a lot of time for fleet management.

Additionally, we carefully chose the mounting material which can stick tightly on all types of the windshield and stay firmly no matter vibrating and extreme temperature.


The rich and versatile interfaces on the Smart Dashcam will unlock more possibilities for your fleets and vehicles. It offers you dual TF card slots which support 256G for each, a SIM card slot that supports LTE and 40+ bands for better signal strength, and a special screw to lock the lenses’ angle and prevent shaking on the vehicles.

The USB port empowers you to stay up-to-date with the firmware and extend for more peripherals. More importantly, you can use the dashcam as a mini MDVR to connect with 2 more cameras by the external cable.


Just like Howen MDVR, the Smart Dashcam is ready to integrate with either Howen VSS fleet management platform or our partner FMS platforms. Fleet managers get on the cloud via the management platform and access data like video, images, alarm details from the dashcam.

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AI Box: Innovative Solutions to AI-ize Your GPS Tracker and MDVR

Howen just released its brand-new AI Box, an innovative solution for upgrading to AI video telematics and a smart accessory that possesses most of the core functions from AI MDVR. The most important spotlights are the built-in AI processor and algorithms that empower the AI Box to digest signals from DMS and ADAS cameras and output data into driving coaching and driver behavior reminding.


Differ to the average processor, the specialized DSP cores on AI chipset enable AI Box to analyze image information at a much higher level. Comparatively, the processor is capable to analyze continuous data (video signal) more stably and the super-fast processing capability can generate analytics results responsively. All together make the DMS and ADAS function more feasible and practical.

Moreover, the upgradable DMS+ADAS+Face Recognition algorithms are coded by the special needs in a rigorous vehicle operating environment where strong backlight and low light environments are common. In the tests in extreme light environments, the system with AI Box can recognize driver and road conditions promptly and accurately, no matter day and night.

By integrating the AI box with the existing vehicle system, fleet operators can achieve DMS functions such as driver fatigue and distracting driving detection, driver identity, and attendance detection.  and driver identification detection, and ADAS functions such as Front collision warning(FCW), Lane Departure Warning(LDW), Pedestrian Collision Warning(PCW), and Front Vehicle Start Warning. It’s a perfect complementary for GPS trackers and MDVRs that upgrade the current system to realize AI functions.

Check out more detailing configuration and datasheet here.

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Howen Unveils World-first Non-Hisilicon All-in-one AI MDVR

Howen just announced a breaking new AI solution, including the AI MDVR, together with the latest DMS and ADAS, which make up the most powerful and proactive mobile DVR solution ever in the telematics video industry.

AI visions the industry’s future

As AI becoming closer to us, enterprises have taken advantage of as many related techniques as possible to turn their business into the digital eras. According to the prediction from IDC, “worldwide Spending on Artificial Intelligence Is Expected to Double in Four Years, Reaching $110 Billion in 2024.” VP of Artificial Intelligence in IDC Ritu Jyoti said, “Companies will adopt AI — not just because they can, but because they must.”

Among the industries, the transport sector is expected to make disruption and grow into a $3.5 billion market by 2023. AI is able to bring a dramatic benefit to public transport and fleet management that increase the total safety and efficiency and decrease the cost. More and more fleet management companies are expected to apply AI to high-value industrial tasks such as driving prediction and performance optimization.

What Howen brings to the industry?

An authentic MDVR born for AI

Unlike the traditional MDVR solution, Howen took a leap in innovation and initially introduce the AI MDVR to the public. By embedding with a quad-core CEVA DSP processor that specialized in the commercial vehicle, it can run 20 times faster than any MDVR and able to process neural network algorithms. The specialized DSP core is more capable to execute continuously digital signal processing algorithms that can process images in the fast-moving scene better even under the pressure of multiple video inputs. Furthermore, the core features higher power efficiency and data compression technology that accelerate transforming speed.


Comparatively, the processor in AI MDVR overwhelmingly beat the same level Hisilicon chipset, no matter in computing power or compatibility. What’s worth mentioning is that, unlike other similar products that equipped with the Hisilicon process, Howen AI MDVR won’t face the sanction in international trade.

In addition to the revolutionary AI processor, the AI MDVR features a rich interface that supports a variety of I/O connection that joint to different peripherals and sensors, making it a more powerful and future-proof tool for fleet companies. By integrating with network modules such as 4G/5G, WIFI, Bluetooth, and so on, you can easily connect it with our powerful VSS platform or platforms provided by our partners. Ultimately, Howen AI MDVR is your best one-for-all solution covering surveillance, location tracking, and Artificial Intelligence functions.

Most powerful DMS+ADAS by neural algorithms

What’s worth mentioning is that the in-depth algorithms in the Artificial Intelligent systems (DMS+ADAS), are specially encoded by the world’s best image algorithm company who is also the algorithm provider of DJI and 80% of the smartphones’ camera system. Howen have been closely working with the algorithm company and simulate different scenarios and developing the most adaptive algorithms for vehicles’ real-world applications. Now, our algorithms are exemplified to have extraordinary performance in complicated light environment, therefore showing a better detection accuracy compared to similar AI products in the market.


The Driver Monitoring System(DMS) and Advanced Driver-assistance Systems(ADAS) are powered by a compound system that consists of two high-performance customized cameras as the “video signal catchers” and the AI MDVR as the “neural center”. These camera members are well-tested and tuned to work with our complex algorithms.

By configuring a 1080p HD camera and accurate FR algorithm, the DMS can effortlessly identify human state and facial characteristics. Plus, it can execute real-time driver evaluation and initial interventions to ensure drivers are prepared to take the control of the vehicle. Likewise, the ADAS supported by a high dynamic range camera and specialized algorithm transform road condition into driver alert, enabling drivers to take proactive actions.


Built to be more intelligent and stable

Besides the huge progression we made on hardware, we also upgraded the Mobile DVR system to dual-firmware to increase the systemative stability. The brand new firmware supports Smart H.265 video compression technology that is estimated to save up to 80% of storage room and data cost compared with the H.264.

Additionally, the new built-in six-axis sensor has a higher accuracy for displacement detection for harsh acceleration, harsh break, harsh cornering. What it means to the vehicle industry is a more comprehensive evaluation of driver KPI and promote safer drivers’ behaviors.

Furthermore, we made the AI MDVR smarter by developing the self-adapting functions for video mode and camera configuration. With these functions, fleet companies are no longer need to manually adjust camera resolution and switch from PAL mode to NTSC mode, saving time and setup processes in installation. 

All-platform supported

We now unify the H-protocol for our VSS platform and FMS platforms. Our users can easily and directly joint our up-to-date VSS vehicle management platform or the FMS platforms provided by our reliable partners. It’s notable that the Howen VSS platform now supports review and export AI graphic reports from the evaluation of the DMS and ADAS. With the prompt development of the platform, more and more AI functions will come out to optimize fleet management performance.Howen-AI-FMS-fleet-management-platform-MOBILE-DVR-CAMERA-SYSTEM

See the future with Howen AI solution

As every industry crossing into the new eras, AI becomes a “must” than an option. Howen as the leading solution provider of vehicle service system is striving to advance the cutting-edge AI solution for the global vehicle industry. With countless efforts invested in innovation, Howen believes that by cooperating with us, we can bring the fleet management and telematics video industry to the next generation. 


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New Starlight Vehicle Cameras Take Night View to Next Level

Driving buses and trucks at night have always been a high-risk event for fleet companies. Despite 60% less traffic at night, over 35% of truck accidents happened at night. On the one hand, extremely low light environments largely limit driver view sight. One the other hand, marathon-style driving for over 8 hours drained off drivers’ energy. Both of these situations expose fleets in a dangerous environment that deserves exceptional management from fleet companies.  Without effective vehicle camera solutions and solid videos for evidence, fleet companies could confront millions of losses and plenty of safety issues.

United States – A total of 4,951 people died in large-truck crashes in 2018. The number of deaths has increased 46% since 2009 (3,380 deaths).

Howen took this situation into consideration and just released a series of vehicle cameras for better video surveillance: V25, V26, V36. They are all manufactured with solid industrial structures that are specially designed for commercial vehicles. More importantly, these vehicle cameras are equipped with our selected CMOS solution to resolve video recording in low-light situations. Traditional vehicle cameras can only record night videos while lost control of the image dynamic range, which might help with nothing when the fleet management would like to analyze further more details in the videos.

Stunning video recording quality

The latest Starlight camera series powered by Howen Starlight solution perform far beyond the traditional vehicle cameras. We cooperated in-depth with the partner who supplies the most sophisticated sensors in the world to develop this low-light solution. Besides the 960P high-resolution record capability, vehicle cameras featured with Starlight solution can provide a clearer view with distinct objects as well as colorful videos. In our comparison under the late-night environment (>0.01 lux), the Starlight cameras present a sharper, clearer, and higher dynamic range viewing.



Solid quality made for commercial vehicles

Aside from the decent image quality, our new lineup is all crafted with structures that certificated with industrial level by authoritative sections.

Howen-V25-1ME poster-16-9

V26 and V36 both are certificated with IP68 protection level, which can support video recording outdoor in all seasons. What’s worth mentioning is that V26 vehicle cameras were adopted as rear cameras in Howen’s concrete trucks projects in Morroco and Guatemala due to their uncompromised reliable quality.

V25 has two different models according to application purpose and environment.  V25-1MK is a vandal-proof camera marked by level IK10, the highest EU protection level to resist external mechanical impacts. Vehicle cameras with IK10 protection can protect the fleet asset from theft or damage while keeping important information in the recording.

Similar to V25-1ME’s record capability, V25-1ME can withstand higher external impacts. Its outer shell is made by high-density steel 304 which reaches the level Exdllc – the highest level in EU standard to protect cameras from gas hazards like flame and explosion. Vehicle cameras certificated with ExdIIC are specifically applied in gas or oil transportation. In our Donimica’s project, V25-1MK cameras were installed on oil and gas trucks with our fireproof cable to help our client safeguard their asset.

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Howen Latest AI Thermal Detector

For prevention of COVID-19, Howen New Infrared Thermal Face Recognition Panel, adopts the new AI chipset, large thermal sensor array, and latest algorithm, providing the cutting-edge face recognition and body temperature detection, with ability to detect wearing the mask.

AI Thermal Detector


Fastest Detection (0.05s,the fastest in the market)

Longer Detection Range(0.3M-1.2M, no mis-detection and protect people)

Highest Accuracy (±0.2 forehead temperature 99.9% face recognition: the best solution for access control)

The following is a video of the application scenario


  • AI algorithm automatically locates the person’s forehead

  • 0.3-1.2 meters long measure range for body temperature

  • 300ms face recognition + temperature measurement

  • Wide dynamic range up to 120dB, the best anti-backlight

  • Double star-light-level sensor,high picture quality

  • Support thermal imaging over megapixel thermal imaging





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Howen Release New People Counting Solution

As a leading VSS provider for multiple vehicle sectors, Howen Technologies, keeps innovating in new products and solutions that can empower customers’ business. In public bus and transit bus transportation, the operators need to monitor the real-time and historical records of passenger flow. The accurate statistics of passengers’ boarding info enables the transportation company to streamline its management and avoid operation losses.

Howen recently announced the release of its new solution of people counting. Based on the SDK of the algorithm with high accuracy, the new solution can provide the calculation of passengers getting on or off, via a 3D dual-lens camera.

  • Much more affordable solution. No additional cost for analyzing box
  • Taking use of the current processing ability of Howen’s powerful MDVR
  • The algorithm can be easily upgraded in future

Howen provides turn-key people counting solutions, based on seamless integration of its hardware and software. And more and more new intelligent detection features will be available based on Howen’s specially-designed AI chipset.


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Dual Lens Camera-1

Mini Dual Lens Camera Released


Recently, Howen released a brand-new dual-lens camera which is specially designed for trucking, taxi and other commercial vehicles, providing front and cabin viewing with easiest installation. It can save huge operation cost and improve efficiency.

  • New digital exposure function can achieve good image effects between different light and contrast conditions.
  • High-temperature resistance, work stable under high-temperature operation.
  • Anti-vibration, wide voltage 8V-18V, professional-designed for in-vehicle environment.
  • High-definition pickups,effective detection range up to 25㎡.
  • Providing both internal (125 degrees) and external (110 degrees) wide-angle viewing with starvis technology.


Super Mini Two Channel MDVR Release

With our R&D team’s hard work, We have released new arrive super mini 2CH Mobile DVR product, so small size but powerful function that’s with the advanced high end technologies and it’s most cost-effectiveness.

Comparing with the traditional dash camera, our 2CH MDVR has a lot of advantages.
Split design can avoid the overheating.

With H.265 compression, saving up to 50% of the storage and transmission bandwidth.

Support local recording, live streaming remotely, and alarm recording auto upload to server
base on alarm trigger, while some of the integrated dash cam only support alarm recording
upload to server but could not support live streaming.

Our solution support ACC trigger ON,  ACC delay function, high voltage protection and low
voltage protection function.

This product is suitable for most transportation commercial vehicles
(Logistics truck, Oil&Gas truck, Mining truck, Taxi, Van, Minibus, etc.).

With our rich experience and good reputation, we’ve done many successful projects around
the world.

AI in Vehicle Service System

Artificial Intelligence, is also called AI. It has been widely used in application of simulation, advanced and extension for methodologies, techniques, and theories. AI is one of the branches in computer science. General speaking, AI need supporting from three main aspects, hardware (chipset, server, Internet), algorithm and libraries of data. Every aspect of these is really important to the performance and they work relying on each other. When comes to Internet of Vehicle (IoV), it was working with GPS, RFID, sensors and cameras so that all the vehicles information can be collected to the “cloud”. Moreover, AI runs as “brain” of vehicles so that they can handle all the data and come out with “responses”, like ADAS, auto-driving and other driver behavior analysis.

Driving Status Monitoring System (DSM)

HOWEN DSM, is designed especially for analyzing the driving behaviors like fatigue, smoking, distraction. Further, it can work with HOWEN ME series mobile DVR™ as a complete solution for various commercial vehicle industries, such as logistics, transportation, taxi, school bus etc.

By using this system, manager is able to check the status of drivers in the fleet and it can draw out different reports for analysis. Further, videos of these situations can be recorded by Howen mobile DVRs and uploaded to both servers and platforms.

Last but not least, as Howen VSS has been successfully integrated into different FMS (fleet management software), which provide customers more options for choosing the best software close to their applications and requirements.

System Key Features
· Compact Design;

· Working from –20 to 70℃;

· Suitable for different environments;

· 95% Accuracy of Driving Behavior Detection;

· Prevent 90% accidents happened by bad driving behaviors;

Avoid Over Load – Howen Passenger Counter

This month, Howen Passenger Counter was officially released and available for pre-order now. It was design specifically for public transportation since nowadays over-loading become one of the most significant issues in transport operations. As Howen is one of the pioneers introducing AI technologies into video telematics, Howen people counter built-in AI algorithm is able to solve the headache of public bus operation.


Nowadays, AI technologies are one of the most popular word in telematics. However, most people still do not know how Passenger Counter System can benefit from video telematics and what can it do in our life.

Howen people counters, is totally designed for the transportation buses since over-load cases is a serious problem in some countries like Latin America or Middle-east countries. With special designed cameras sensors and image processor boxes, Howen people counters can catch the images and count the number of people into the system when people get on or off the bus. This function is all done by an efficient algorithm by defining the heads of people so that the sensor. In this way, by connecting to Howen mobile DVR, the data will transfer to the MDVR and display in the VSS CMS or other third-party FMS (fleet management software). By using this function, bus companies can check the ticket fee by confirming the number of passengers.

Last but not least, this function is also useful in the school bus Vehicle Service System, by checking the number of students on the school bus, administrators can know how many children get to school or still on the bus. It is also important that it can remind the managers if there is some student left in the school bus in some cases.


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