Howen Awarded VSS Project for Tourist Bus in Portugal

In recent years, the tourism business in Europe has developed rapidly. Many tourists have come here for its world-famous attractions. Therefore, there is a great demand for tourist buses in Europe.

According to the feedback from travel agencies, tourists often leave belonging on the bus, and luggage theft occasionally occurs, which affects the travel experience of tourists.

Howen’s client owns thousands of tourist buses in Portugal. They are now making progress on fleet management.

To help the client improve the efficiency and operation of tourist bus management, Howen provided a special-designed, reliable and multi-functional product (Hero-ME31-08)and a powerful, comprehensive vehicle service system (VSS) solution for the client.

With 6 channel cameras of video input and cameras installed in the proper place on the bus, Howen’s MDVR provides a full range of video surveillance on the bus to ensure the safety of passengers. The crime rate of theft on the bus has significantly dropped after applying our solution.

Tourist Bus Solution

Howen also used people counter system on the bus. When people get on or off the bus, our MDVR can get the number of people by image recognition and report the information to the VSS platform in real-time. It’s beneficial for our client to understand the daily operation status of buses, make reasonable operation plans, and improve management efficiency.

Howen is a leading supplier and solution provider on VSS solution of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Howen aims to make a safer ride possible for everyone on the road.



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