Howen New Smart Dashcam Empower Van Fleet Operation in Morocco

Facing the growing emphasis on transport safety, a major Moroccan van transport company has installed Howen’s latest AI dashcams with DMS cameras on hundreds of their vans.

With the rapid development of the urban economy, the demand for transporting small quantities of goods between cities continues to increase, so vans have become the best choice. Trucks are prone to security incidents such as overloading, transport/passenger disputes, theft, and robbery. At the same time, traffic accidents often occur due to illegal operations such as speeding, making phone calls, and fatigue driving. All of these have seriously affected the normal operation of van transportation enterprises and brought great trouble to the management and scheduling of the fleet. Given the above problems, the van is in urgent need of installing a Smart Dashcam.

As a leading supplier in the commercial vehicle service system industry, Howen has launched a new generation of driving recorders that integrate the latest DMS fatigue driving monitoring and advanced driver assistance systems. Through this product, operating companies can effectively regulate the behavior of drivers, prevent overloading, speeding, detours, illegal parking, fatigue driving, and other behaviors, reduce the occurrence of van accidents and illegal acts, and provide effective evidence for traffic accidents and personnel disputes.

What sets Howen AI dashcam apart from other dashcams?

✔️ All-in-one device

4G, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3ch Video, DMS, ADAS, Face Recognition, etc. all embedded in one device which can be used with all types of vehicles.

✔️ Highly durable

Power-failover video saving; Sleep mode with ultra-low power consumption, etc.

✔️ Intuitive implementation

Quick and easy installation, low R&M cost, with OBD power connection to discard unnecessary wires

✔️ Brand New Design

Compact, ruggedized structure for most demanding tasks and environment


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