Howen AI MDVR and cameras were recently implemented by one of the most famous natural gas companies in Ecuador on their trucks. 

Natural gas transportation has always been highly risky. Drivers who are fatigued or distracted while driving are likely to cause great loss and safety impact.

After the company’s technicians have installed and repeatedly tested Howen intelligent vehicle surveillance products, they equipped hundreds of their trucks in the first phase, with Howen’s latest AI MDVR and cameras:

● AI MDVRs and Explosion Proof Cameras play an irreplaceable role in natural gas transportation solutions because they ensure that no evidence or footage is lost during natural gas transportation;

● DMS camera can identify and remind the tanker driver of abnormal driving behaviors in real-time, such as making phone calls, smoking, fatigue driving, etc, which effectively strengthens the dynamic supervision of transport vehicles and drivers;

VSS platform can grasp the real-time position of these trucks at any time at the remote end, receive the abnormal alarm of the driver’s abnormal driving, and correct the driver’s behavior in time to eliminate the safety accident in the bud.

After a period of use, the company’s natural gas truck transportation management has become more orderly, and they plan to install Howen’s equipment on more trucks.

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