AI Box

Product Model: Hero-MA80-02

Product Description:

Video Analytics Box for upgrading to AI System

AI Box is a smart accessory that possesses most of the core functions from AI MDVR and an innovative solution for upgrading to AI video telematics.

By integrating the AI box with the existing vehicle system, fleet operators are able to achieve DMS functions such as driver fatigue and distracting driving detection, driver identity, and attendance detection.  and driver identification detection, and ADAS functions such as Front collision warning(FCW), Lane Departure Warning(LDW), Pedestrian Collision Warning(PCW), and Front Vehicle Start Warning. It’s a perfect complementary for GPS trackers and MDVRs that upgrade the current system to realize AI functions.

  • Flexible: provide options for AI features.
  • Futureproof: support extending algorithms in the future, no need for changing devices.
  • AI CPU: more powerful processing capability.
  • AI functions:
  • DMS: Smoking, calling, eyes-closing, yawning, distracted driving, driver left, infrared blocking sunglasses, not wearing a seat belt, lens blocking, etc
  • ADAS: Lane departure, forward collision, vehicle distance too close, pedestrian collision, the vehicle ahead start, etc
  • Build for vehicle application:
  • Power supply: 9-36V
  • Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C
  • Working humidity: 10% ~ 95%
  • Rich interfaces:
  • RS232 x3
  • 12V output x1
  • GND x3
  • GPS x1 SMA type connector [External antenna method]
  • AHD signal input x2
  • Power port: 3-pin aviation connector [BAT+, ACC, GND]
  • Audio broadcast port: 3-pin Aviation Head
  • I/O interface x2

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Hero-MA80-02: AI Box


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