Howen AI Dashcam Strengthens Van Logistics Security in Europe

Howen New AI Dashams were recently implemented by a major European logistics company on its Vans.

With the increasing demand for high-frequency and small-batch distribution in professional logistics, small logistics vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, for this customer, the requirements for the reliability and safety of logistics and transportation are increasing, and the demand for video surveillance in logistics and transportation is becoming more and more significant.

While transporting goods in the van, Howen AI Dashcam can reduce distracted driving and impaired driving behavior. When the driver has dangerous driving behavior, it will automatically remind the driver and upload alarms and photos to accurately and efficiently monitor the driver and the vehicle’s surrounding environment. Management, real-time monitoring, abnormal alarm, two-way communication, vehicle scheduling, etc.

The ADAS+DMS solution can effectively help the client improve operational efficiency and encourage good driving behavior, thereby reducing fuel consumption and optimizing transportation routes to reduce operating costs, which will save unexpected operating costs and maintenance costs in the long run:

1. Minimize labor costs

With the help of remote visualization solutions, drivers can be optimized and adjusted for misbehavior, and they can also command drivers more efficiently, strengthen team communication and cooperation capabilities, and implement specific reward programs, which can improve team participation and efficiency.

2. Prevent theft during periods of rest on the road

Howen Dashcam V3 supports Sleep mode, which can help mitigate loss and theft when vehicles are stopped or left alone in a parking lot. The dashcam supports three ways to be woken up: G-sensor, I/O output, and Timer. This footage can prove useful in the instance of a break-in, potentially helping to identify the culprit.

3. Avoid safety risks, and reduce costs

If there is ever any question about how an accident occurred, it’s important to ensure that driver’s integrity – and business reputation – are protected. Think of a dashcam as a reliable witness to anything that might go wrong, leaving no room for doubt about the events that took place.


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