Howen Works with Auto Maker for AI Video Solution

Over a decade of vehicle service experiences have made Howen of great reputations worldwide. Our successful deployment of MDVR and VSS won many returned clients who spread good words of our cases in their countries. With these countless endorses and referrals, we recently started a cooperation with an international leading automobile company, which has exported over 80,000 units of buses accumulatively to 130+ countries.

We are collaborating closely with this vehicle company to launch an AI video solution project for 100 coach buses in Middle East. In contract to transit buses which are typically used for short-distance transportation, coach buses are constructed for long-distance service like touring and international service which requires higher speed.

Our client was awared of the potential issues that involved drivers’ misconduct like the tragedy happened in the U.S. two years ago, which could more possibly occur on the faster coach buses on long-lasting driving.  Therefore, the vehicle company proposed utilizing AI technology to minimalize potential risks and ensure passengers’ safety. After further analyzing the application environment and special needs, we initiated customizing and testing a complex AI video solution.

360 degrees protection from MDVR and AI system

The Howen 4 channels ME32-04 MDVR featured in the solution supports multiple optional modules and peripherals. As the data collector of the coach bus, it connects with our V24, V26, V30 vehicle cameras which include all viewing of the coach bus. These AHD cameras with 1/3” 1M  Sony CMOS and more than 12 pieces of IR to ensure extraordinary recording quality day and night.

What’s worth mentioning is our specialized application of the ADAS+DMS AI system. This intelligent system equipped with 2 cameras and advanced AI algorithms can monitor drivers’ behaviors and potential risks on roads. The Advanced Driving Assistant System (ADAS) actively detecting vehicles’ surroundings through the front camera to achieve driving assistance: Front Collision Warning (FCW), Headway Monitoring Warning (HMW), Lane Departure Warning(LDW), and Urban Front Collision Warning(UFCW). These warnings enable drivers to act in fast timing and protect passengers.


Due to the long-distance and long-lasting driving, accurately detecting coach driver conditions can largely reduce risks caused by subjective factors. The Driver Monitor System (DMS) can identify drivers’ working conditions by their facial characteristics. When one driver continuously operates the coach buses over 4 hours, the DMS system will alarm the driver to rest or shift to another driver. More importantly, the DMS can automatically analyze the coach drivers’ facial changes to make judgments and generate warnings. A series of warnings will be triggered by DMS when the drivers behave against safety driving, for example, eyes-closing, yawning, calling, and so on.


Review more evidence on the VSS

Furthermore, we have successfully connected these devices to our Vehicle Service System(VSS). When any drivers’ behaviors or road conditions cause the alarms, the ADAS+DMS system will automatically record the images or videos at the presetting time and sent them to the VSS. Additionally, fleet management can review all vehicle information including stream videos and geographic location to achieve their goals of optimizing fleet performance and budget spending.


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