Howen AI Dashcam Safeguarded Kenworth Trucks in Mexico

Howen deployed new AI dashcams for the truck fleet project in Mexico recently.

Road safety is the number one focus of most trucking businesses right now. Smart dashcams play a pivotal role in logistics truck management by affecting many vital areas, like insurance discounts, driver training, and increased safety.

Howen’s new AI dashcam V3 is a dual-lens camera with road-facing and driver-facing cams, offering various benefits for our client. With the dashcam, the client can see what happens during a critical safety event, enhance driver coaching programs, and improve fleet safety.

On ai, the colors look so bright and look good (I mean that dashcam ADAS camera looks superb)“, said the fleet manager of the Mexican trucks company.

1. Significantly improve driver behavior and protect drivers.

Designed to improve driver behavior, Dashcam v3 helps drivers keep abreast of the road ahead and correct driving behavior at all times with in-cab alerts. At the same time, these alerts are transmitted to the platform in real-time, which enables fleet managers to detect distracted or dangerous driving quickly. If a driver is not at fault, the video evidence can be a valuable tool for proving that innocence and protecting the driver’s.

2. Potentially lower insurance rates and Speeding up insurance claims.

With truck dash cams, fleets can also significantly improve driver behavior and the overall safety level of the fleet. A safer fleet with driver data and insights to back up its safety claims will be better positioned to get potentially lower insurance rates. With clear video evidence, insurance providers will get more context, leading to a quicker resolution of claims.

3. Greatly strengthen fleet management.

Howen dashcam V3, combined with feature-rich fleet management software (Howen VSS), allows companies to quickly gather safety data such as hard cornering, braking, acceleration, and collisions. At the same time, a real-time intercom can be carried out between Dashcam V3 and the platform to help drivers correct their behavior in time, and drivers can receive dispatch commands as quickly as possible. Howen’s new AI-powered Smart Dashcam plays a crucial role in truck fleet management and dispatch.


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