Howen AI Dashcam secure van fleet with Key Telematics

Howen New AI Dashams were recently implemented by a major European transport company on its Vans, paired with a key telematics platform for more efficient fleet operations and management.

Smart dashcams have become increasingly popular in commercial vehicle management. As many transport companies know, equipping fleets with dash cams can be helpful in many situations. In the event of an accident, having a dash cam can help determine who is at fault and help protect the driver, the fleet, and the insurance dividends of the company.

However, with so many dash cams on the market these days and prices varying widely, it can be difficult for fleet managers to decide which is correct. After comprehensively comparing several mainstream dashcam suppliers in the market, this European transport company forwarder chose our latest dashcam. Using it for some time helped them solve the GPS positioning problem, and customers affirmed the product’s performance. They think our new AI Dashcam is the best option to determine what meets their needs.

In addition to its powerful functions, its openness is also a fundamental reason customers choose it. The Key Telematics used by the client has been perfectly integrated with the Howen dashcam. With this integration, the Howen dashcam can upload the alarm materials to the Key Telematics. On the one hand, it is convenient for the fleet manager to grasp the driver’s behavior, the surrounding environment of these vans, and their real-time position. On the other hand, the platform can collect many video evidence in case of potential claims in the future.

Howen Dashcam V3 supports Sleep mode and works when the van is off and parked. It supports three ways to be woken up: G-sensor, I/O output, and Timer. This footage can prove helpful in the instance of a break-in, potentially helping to identify the culprit.

With Dashcam V3, the company can effectively regulate the behavior of drivers, prevent overloading, speeding, detours, illegal parking, fatigue driving, and other behaviors, reduce the occurrence of van accidents and illegal acts, and provide effective evidence for traffic accidents and personnel disputes.


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