Howen AI Dashcams are deployed to improve Driver Safety in SA

When it comes to light vehicles, many types come to our minds, sedans, SUVs, vans, pickups, and more. They are integral to our entire society as many industries such as car rental, delivery services rely heavily on them to bring convenience and profit to our normal lives, be it business or personal

Industry challenges

1. Theft and car-related crime remain a major problem, especially with rental companies

2. The police fail to recover stolen vehicles due to a lack of reliable GNSS and video surveillance

3. The bad driving behavior of the delivery service, such as rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration, will cause economic  losses to the fleet owner

Howen Dashcam Solution

1. Identify bad driving habits and help tailor facilitate Better Driving.

The client’s fleet is equipped with Dashcam V3 and high-precision DMS cameras, which capture road events ahead and in-cab driver behavior, giving drivers and fleet managers a clear picture of what’s most important on the road. Protect drivers and the business by exempting the fleet company from liability when the driver is not at fault. When the vehicle is damaged, the correct responsible person can be confirmed through monitoring, which protects the rights and interests of the leasing customer and reduces the loss of the leasing company.

2. Prevent theft during periods of rest on the road.

Howen Dashcam V3 supports Sleep mode, which can help mitigate loss and theft when vehicles are stopped or left alone in a parking lot. The dashcam supports three ways to be woken up: G-sensor, I/O output, and Timer. This footage can prove useful in the instance of a break-in, potentially helping to identify the culprit.

3. Avoid safety risks, and reduce costs.

If there is ever any question about how an accident occurred, it’s important to ensure that driver’s integrity – and business reputation – are protected. Think of a dashcam as a reliable witness to anything that might go wrong, leaving no room for doubt about the events that took place

From driver safety to theft prevention, dashcams can be valuable to daily business operations, helping the fleet avoid safety risks, costs, and damage to its reputation. Especially for rental companies, it is very important to let customers rent vehicles with peace of mind while reducing their own losses, and the Howen New Generation AI Dashcam v3 is a good guarantee for this.


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