Howen AI Solution Enhanced Cold Chain Logistics

Howen Thermal solution has empowered the world to fight back Covid-19 and adapt to the new normal. While on the other side, with the increasing debut of Covid-19 vaccine, a prompt and responsive cold chain logistics solution to transport the covid-19 vaccines becomes so vital in the fleet industry as experts estimated that at least 12 billion vaccines will be needed over the world.

Market challenges

The unprecedented amount of vaccines will need to be carried from pharma to different districts even across continents, which requires complex and agile cold chain management. However, other than solely adding the supply chain, there are more challenges underneath for carrier, airline, and pharma companies.

Wastage and spoilage are the main problems


Shefali Kapadia / Supply Chain Dive, analysis by IATA

According to a study published last year, a quarter of vaccines are degraded in the arrival at the destination which can owe to inappropriate shipping and storage processes. And a degraded vaccine, on the one hand, would cause a considerable financial loss that could be estimated at 31 billion dollars annually. On the other hand, a seemly slight delay of vaccination could lead to countless deaths and consistent shutdown, especially for a rural area with undeveloped transportation. Even if the vaccines arrive on time, vaccines with decreased effectiveness might be ineffective and the patients might be required to revaccinated.
What’s worth noticing is that the newly developed vaccines have a higher storage requirement that Moderna’s vaccine should be kept under minor 20 Celcius while Pfizer’s vaccine should be stored at minus 70 Celcius. That is to say, vaccine storage temperature has become the biggest challenge and a subtle temperature mistake in cold chain management could cause millions of losses for vaccine stakeholders.

Every second matter in vaccine transportation.

Vaccine security is another huge challenge for vaccine cold chain logistics. How to secure vaccines from pilferage throughout the shipping is directly related to human life. Furthermore, smooth the connection among four transport phases should be taken into consideration since every second matter to secure the vaccine activity and patients for inoculation.

Howen AI solution for vaccine cold chain logistics

To cope with the demands and challenges, Howen introduced a solution for vaccine transportation. The AI solution for cold chain logistics integrating our most advanced AI technology and fleet management platform can effectively secure vaccines and improve cold chain shipping performance.Howen-AI-FMS-fleet-management-platform-MOBILE-DVR-CAMERA-SYSTEM

Advantages and benefits

  • Revolutionary AI MDVR as its exceptional processing capability to analyze video information, supports up to 8 channels AHD 1080p cameras and 4TB storage for recording.
  • Industrial-level temperature detector actively and accurately monitor reefer temperature, alarm and report the abnormal temperature.
  • DMS and ADAS driven by intelligent algorithms can rapidly analyze driver behaviors and vehicle surroundings, empower management and driver to take predictive actions.
  • Designed for vehicle industries with a rugged structureto withstand any vibration and protect data
  • Rear and in-cab cameras provide real-time vehicle surveillance, plus joint to guarantee vaccine safety and prevent pilferage.


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