Howen AI Thermal Detector Protects Driving School in ME

To prevent the coronavirus pandemic in the world, Howen released the brand-new AI Thermal Detector, and the device has been used in many countries. 

 This client, as one of the largest driving institutes in Middle East, owns multiple branches and offers driving courses for tens of thousands of people every year. As there is a large flow of students in the institutes every day, it is necessary to have a secured prevention solution during this COVID-19 epidemic time.

After studying the client’s demands and network structure, Howen provides the latest thermal detector solution to address this emerging issue. This fever screening panel is built with unique and powerful AI chipset and embedded with the world’s leading face recognition algorithm. 

  • Faster Detection (0.05s temperature detection, the fastest in the market)
  • Higher Accuracy (±0.2℃ forehead temperature 99.9% Face recognition: the best solution for access control )
  • Wider Detection Range (0.3m~1.2m, no mis-detection and protect people)

 The features of access control and time attendance will also play a useful role for managing the enter records of the hundreds of staff and thousands of students every day. The outstanding performances won the client’s high appraisal and will act as the most reliable guard for entrances in all branches. Howen Technologies, with the mission of “Safer World with Howen”, will continue to offer the best security and safety solutions for more customers worldwide. 

Please check our thermal detector in the Middle East,