Howen and GpsGate: professionally increase fleet safety

We are pleased to announce that Howen devices, including MDVR and Dashcam, have already been integrated by the GpsGate platform and successfully used in some fleet projects in Ireland.

GpsGate is a famous &professional real-time tracking and fleet management platform used in over 150 countries. It provides customizable and scalable software that helps businesses reduce their fleet costs and optimize operations. With this integration, we could provide video service, including live streaming and history video playback for our customers, and more other functions are being integrated.

Our cooperation brings more reliable and advanced fleet management solutions to customers.

As the leading solution supplier of Vehicle Service systems, Howen ecosystem continues to build the FMS ecosystem; more than 200 third-party FMS platforms have been integrated with Howen devices and used in global fleet projects.


Wanner know more about Howen products or ask for cooperation, please email to: We will contact you soon.