Howen Awarded Kuwait Cash Van VSS Project

As known, Cash Van is widely applied to the banking business and transports valuables, such as cash, notes and securities every day. According to the survey, cash van crimes occasionally happen all over the world, such as robbery, theft and accidents, which threaten the safe delivery. Therefore, safety and security are always getting concerned.

The customer in Kuwait managed one of the largest cash van fleets in the country and owns hundreds of cash vans running every day. The fleet operator must ensure every detail running without any single mistake in routine work.

As the leading solution provider on VSS, Howen designed the most suitable solution which contains high-end model 8ch MDVR (Hero-ME31-08) with seven cameras to ensure the 360° angle view with no blind spots monitoring. Additionally, Howen provided the audio pick up and push to talk for collecting more explicit evidence and improving the communication efficiency between drivers and control centre.

Howen not only helps the client enhance the security precautions but also bring advanced technologies to the whole cash van industry.