Howen Deployed Mobile DVR System for Bus in Brazil

The safety issue of transportation is always commonly concerned all over the world. Howen is always dedicated to providing protection for all kinds of fleets globally. Recently, Howen deployed another Mobile DVR project in Brazil, the largest population and stronger economy in Latin America.

The customer manages thousands of logistics vehicles and buses, so they must ensure the security issues are well-considered to deal with various emergencies, and take measures to prevent accidents of the traffic.

The customer has already cooperated with Wialon, one of the biggest telematics software providers in the industry.
As a reliable partner of Wialon, Howen has realized the integration of multiple features with them, including live streaming video, IO alarm, and recording live video, etc.
Howen fully demonstrated its advantages in hardware and software, offering the main unit 4ch Mobile DVR, combined with the dome-cameras and front-view cameras. The video and tracking can be lively tracked and easily retrieved by the Wialon platform help the customer save costs and improve efficiency, and greatly reduce the occurrence of accidents.
Howen will continuously provide products of the highest quality, the best cost-effectiveness, and the most professional support to partners around the world.


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