Howen Deployed 8ch MDVR for Crushers in Belgium

In recent years, with the rapid development of mining, cement, and construction industries, the crushing equipment industry has grown fast and raised issues of safety and management as well. Recently, Howen deployed VSS-8ch MDVR system in crushers in Belgium.

The customer is a large crushing equipment manufacturer, which produces crusher vehicles that are used all around the world.

The client required high definition video surveillance and reliable management on their crushers. Additionally, most of the crushers operate in complex and variable environments, such as mines and construction sites. Thus, the customer has high standard requirements for onboard devices for their business.

After a well-understanding of the client’s requirement and deep analytics, Howen provided a complete solution for the project: full function 8ch MDVR, combined with a vandal-proof and front view camera, and powerful central management software to provide a live view,  remote control, GPS location tracking, alarm management, and so on.

The system not only perfectly solves the driver safety issues, but also improves operational efficiency. Through Howen’s professional and efficient support, the clients’ pain points are solved, and was happy and impressed by the exceptional performance of Howen tailor-made VSS solutions.

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