Howen Deployed MDVR for Patrol Boats in Bulgaria

In recent years, Howen’s products have been installed in more than 90 countries. In its rapid development, Howen’s products are not only applied in the vehicle industry but also applied in the marine environment for sailing. Recently, Howen deployed MDVR system for patrol boats in Bulgaria.

The client used to use a GPS tracker only which has no video recording function. To address this issue, Howen provides full-function products,which can replace the GPS trackers. Howen supplies different kinds of accessories meeting their requirements, such as audio pick up and two-way audio etc. All of the devices are installed in the marine environment and show excellent stability and reliability in daily serious usages when facing various emergency cases.


The model with an aviation port can provide stable connections between cameras and MDVR system, which can make sure all the functions would not be affected by vibration, especially for some accident collision.                                          

Howen also provides a complete solution for the project to help the client manage their boats and to improve operational efficiency.

Howen have been focusing on enriching people’s car’s life so many years, and provide strong support for helping all of our partners achieve great success.

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