Howen Fever Screening System in US Hospitals


Along with COVID-19 spreading all over the world, effective fever detection solution has becoming more and more urgent. The United States, now with the largest quantities of affection case and death, the situation is rather more severe. As a treatment centre, this client in Texas needs a reliable solution for controlling the entrances of all its branches. Built based-on powerful AI chipset and advance algorithms, Howen Face Recognition Access Control Terminals now are providing full protections for the hospitals. Allowing an outstanding wide range for detection, the device can detect the face ID and forehead temperature within the ultimate speed, and can greatly speed up the entrance efficiency comparing with other products in the market. Besides hospitals, the Thermal Detector can be widely used in other various scenarios including office, public area, city bus, school bus, etc.

“Safer World with Howen”!

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Howen Thermal Detector use in Texas            Howen Face Recognition Access Control use in Texas