Howen MDT Empowers Singapore Public Utility Fleet

Singapore’s rapid economic growth has gradually evolved into an emerging developed country, which attracts more and more people to migrate to this country. However, the country faces the most significant public vehicle management challenges.

In recent years, the government is promoting measures to improve transportation, especially enhance the efficiency of the public utility vehicle, which has become the new force in city construction and development in Singapore.

Howen, the leading VSS manufacturer, is honoured to provide the best mobile data terminal system to Singapore’s utility vehicles, to improve the dispatch efficiency for the fleet.

Mobile Data Terminal Designed for VehicleHero-MDT-AT5

Howen team customized the mobile data terminal for the project, with build-in camera in MDT to support video call function which will greatly reduce the reaction time for emergencies and optimize the workflows. The advantage of Howen MDT also includes,

  • All-in-one terminal: dispatch, surveillance, navigation, payment, attendance, Etc.
  • Ruggedized design: industrial components, high-temperature resistance up to 80 ℃.
  • Open for customization

Rich Accessories for Integrated Solution

Howen MDT has rich interfaces, which support various types of accessories. By integrating the NFC card reader in this project, only the authorized driver can log in successfully and then ignite the engine.

With Howen Solution, the project significantly helps the government enhance the operation efficiency and improve management capabilities for public utility vehicle, providing a safer environment for residents.