Howen MDT Applied for Dubai Driving School

Regarding to the requirements of Dubai government, every driving school must have dispatching system and devices in order to protect students’ equities and improve the teaching quality. Howen MDT, Mobile Data Terminal, is enable to help driving schools find out the most efficient way in daily operation. It not only ensures every student has equal teaching environment since every procedure will be controlled and standardized by MDT.

This program lasts over 6 months since November 2016. The company chose Howen MDT as the best solution among multi solution providers, including two famous Korean companies. After various tests (such as hardware stabilities, sensitivity of screens, R&D capabilities), Howen MDT achieved great success based on the best testing results from these solutions. From now on, more than 500 Howen MDT has been applied in this Dubai driving institute.

In this program, accurate fingerprint reading is the key function of Howen MDT solution. It does not just read fingerprint information only but also checks with Emirates ID information. On the other hand, Howen MDT work with driving schools’

GPS tracking system, which shows precise location of each car. In this way, it can make sure the students can take part in the driving exams themselves.

Last but not least, Howen MDT solution for driving schools received highly praised from the company and the users. It positively responses “Digital and High-tech life”, the key idea of Dubai government.