Howen MDT was Applied in Public Safety Users

In June 2017, hundreds of Howen Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) have been successfully applied in Public Safety Users including ambulance in Germany. In this project Howen MDT shows excellent stabilities and quality in daily serious ambulance usages when facing various emergency cases. On the other hand, Howen supplies different kinds of customizations meeting theirs requirements, such as firmware changing, RS232 output, GSM voice, two way audio function etc. Strong R&D and professional product supports help Howen’s partner achieve great success not only in this program but also the Public Safety User market.

Moreover, Howen MDT has been tested for several months in order to make sure every function is stable under hard pressure of rescue work. High-level industrial standards help Howen MDT deploying to this ambulance project from loads of solution providers. The preciseness of Howen also contributes to partners’ reputation and boosts the development of vehicle service business. In this project, Howen MDT is not just a device doing navigation but also a quick destination guide specially for emergency. It will come up a button lists which shows all the areas of the city, which they just press one button it will start navigation (the control centre will let staff know which button they need to choose by two-way audio). The APP was built-in all accurate locations in this city, it will show the fastest route immediately depends on the distance and real-time traffic situation. Furthermore, Howen Mobile Data Terminal can work with “walkie talkie” for the hospital staff, which improves much efficiency during various rescues. “Howen MDT is a reliable partner when we doing our jobs. It saves much more time comparing to the traditional method of ambulance navigation as MDT also can update the traffic situation every second, which is very important to the wounded.” The ambulance driver said.