Howen MDVR Deployed for Oil & Gas Truck in Dominica

Recently, Howen MDVR system has been deployed on oil & gas trucks in Dominica.

Oil & Gas Truck is mainly used for the transportation and storage of petroleum derivatives- gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and so on. Although the vehicle was designed with safety in mind, the crash, leakage, and explosion of oil & gas tanker caused by risky driver behavior could lead to lots of casualties, and exert a huge impact on the reputation of fleet owners.

The security management of oil transportation is one of the biggest issues concerning the loss of life and money. Therefore, it’s essential to take protective measures to prevent accidents.

Dominica is located on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola east, which is rich in mineral resources. Howen’s partner has been dedicated to fleet management for years, and need to ensure all the operation from the oil depot to gas station is safety and efficiency.

With over 10 years’ experience on VSS, Howen solution was recognized as the best to address the following security and efficiency challenges.

  • The prevention of fuel theft
  • Risky driver behavior such as harsh braking, harsh acceleration

Howen offered the most advanced technologies for the project, and some key technologies were deployed in Dominica:

The model with built-in GPS modules can track the fleet location, and support a built-in G-sensor for harsh acceleration detection, which can remind the driver to decelerate, avoid the traffic accident caused by bad driving behavior.

  • No blind angle

In this project, Howen offered the full range monitoring to help the client surveillance on-site situation with clear sound and video, including the front view camera and side-view camera.

Moreover, Howen provided the explosion-proof camera and tunnel, which is specially designed for oil & gas trucks.

  • Fuel decrease alarm report

Fuel theft is always a big headache. It brings potential risks and huge losses to the client. Now by using Howen CMS platform, the client can receive the oil report by the platform. When the fuel decreases abnormally, it triggers the alarm.

The project will significantly help the client improve management capabilities for oil & gas truck, avoiding great losses and accidents.

In the past serval years, Howen has done lots of successful projects for oil & gas truck, such as TOTAL, Shell, Linde, and so on. Howen is proud of bringing benefits to clients all over the world.

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