Howen Mobile DVR Integrates New Features in 3Dtracking

Howen is dedicated to developing products that customers trust, and has established in-depth cooperation with various well-known software companies. As one of the famous FMS companies that cooperates with Howen, 3Dtracking focuses on R&D, operation, and maintenance of their cloud-based software that integrates many telematics hardware of leading brands. 3Dtracking currently monitors in excess of 100,000 vehicles across 70 countries in the world.

Through the hardworking of Howen and 3Dtracking, the 3Dtracking platform has integrated Howen full range of Mobile DVRs.

Now the following features are available for Howen MDVRs in 3DTracking:

  • Historical recording playback from 3Dtracking platform web browser.
  • Historical evidence video uploaded from MDVR to server base on alarm trigger, such as IO, harsh brake and harsh acceleration etc.
  • Report downloading from 3D tracking platform for data analysis.


Howen is very pleased to have this win-win collaboration with 3Dtracking, which benefits not only 3Dtracking users but also Howen hardware users.

If you are interested in our solutions with 3Dtracking, kindly feel free to contact the Howen support team or 3Dtracking for further information by or