Howen New AI Dashcam Improve Tow Trucks Safety in US

A leading US supplier has installed Howen’s latest AI dashcam on its trailers and tow trucks, reducing operating costs and improving employee safety by increasing visibility and real-time access to precise vehicle location and drivers’ status.

Trailer driving is known to be very dangerous. For this American supplier, which has been in the towing business for many years, there are a lot of risks at any one time, not only for their trucks but also for the drivers they hire. On the one hand, the driver’s illegal driving may cause accidents and losses. On the other hand, other car owners may file complaints about compensation because their vehicles have been damaged.

So, equipping the trailer or tow truck with a dashcam may be a worthwhile investment in the long run. The Howen AI dashcam provides high-definition video as evidence to prevent other owners from blaming the tow truck driver for damage if their car is towed away. At the same time, Howen AI Dashcam is entirely out of the driver’s line of sight, and there is no screen to distract the driver; it also supports the latest ADAS and DMS technologies, which can effectively guide drivers to drive safely and encourage tow truck drivers to drive more carefully, thereby improving their driving performance. Finally, there is nothing that can be unplugged from this Dashcam, and the memory card is locked safely inside the unit. It effectively promotes accountability to the driver and all involved. Fleet managers can quickly determine if drivers are not performing their duties reliably to your standards.

Howen AI dashcam in US

Howen has deployed this new generation Dashcam in various industries worldwide, winning a good reputation for high performance and professional support.

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