Howen Provide Thermal Detect Solution to UAE’s Hotel

Howen Provide Thermal Detect Solution to UAE’s Hotel

Hotels were one of the first industries affected by the pandemic and could be one of the last to recover. The government in the UAE took a lot of supportive measures for the hotel industry, and help them against COVID-19.

With the policies on COVID-19 prevention in most of the hotels, the epidemic control and resumption of work should also be strengthened.

The Howen thermal detector is deployed at the hotel to mitigate the risk of COVID-19, including temperature detection and wearing a mask. The system will give warnings in case of abnormal body temperature or whenever it detects anyone without wearing a mask.

Howen AI thermal detector solution helps to alleviate the pressure on Hotel labour resources, more importantly, minimizes the risk of infection for front-line hotel’s staff.

“We are pleased to be a partner of Howen for their effective solution to help our hotel resume operations safely. We are happy with the device, the products are beyond our expectation.” Chief Executive Officer in the hotel said.


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