Howen Smart MDT Deployed in Spain Logistics Trucks

With the increasing economy and accelerating business development, the transportation industry has become a fast-growing sector,

and logistics, an important part of the transportation market, is worth paying attention to improve.

What are the essential points of creating more efficient fleet management for logistics?
1. Real-time interaction between driver and central management
2. The status of goods delivery
3. Job & task scheduling
4. Optimized route scheduling
5. Fuel consumption report.
Recently, Howen was awarded another project for logistics trucks in Spain. The client was facing the following problems:
Communication latency
Drivers are unable to communicate with the management team in real-time.
Low work efficiency
The workflow Data and reports cannot be sent together to the platform.
After deep-study of the client’s requirements, Howen, with rich experience on VSS, provided the most suitable solution with the intelligent
Mobile Data Terminal.
Howen provided customization on MDT to support the client to integrate different kinds of accessories.
And the client can also track the trucks’ location and collect all the reports and data from the terminal.
With the help of Howen smart MDT solution, now the communication between drivers and dispatching centre has become much more efficient.
Moreover, the workflow has been streamlined than ever before, and logistics cost greatly reduced
The simple, efficient and reliable features of Howen equipment are winning the customers’ trust and praise. Howen will continue providing
the best and most cost-effective solutions to customers to create higher value for people’s car life.