Howen VSS in Myanmar School Buses

Shenzhen, China  September 10, 2019

School bus safety is a common issue all around the world, and is related to the wellbeing of millions of families and social stability.

Parents and school management are both concerned about the safety of children, driving behaviour and operation efficiency.

School bus accident happened almost every day in the world, more than 40% of school bus injuries are caused by vehicular accidents.

Recently, in Myanmar, Howen VSS Solution was applied in another school bus fleet. The fleet owns hundreds of buses, which carry thousands of students every day. Previously, the schools and fleet operators were facing the problems of safety, accidents, route management disorder, etc.

Our customers expect and demand VSS solution that helps them to avoid vehicle accident and to reduce the risk of injury in case of a crash.

Based on a deep understanding of our customer demand, Howen provides complete solution specialized for school bus:

  • Live streaming video and historical video for evidence. Howen provided advanced monitoring technologies have enabled to record the video while accident happens.
  • Centralized platform for administration. School’s staff can surveil the driver’s behaviour by our platform, reports problem and issues immediately.
  • Extendible for student attendance management system.

By using Howen system, the driver behaviours can be greatly improved, avoiding different types of accidents and aggressive driving.

As leading VSS supplier and solution provider, Howen focuses on providing our customers with a full-service project solution which fulfils customers demand and expectation.