Kuwait School Bus Surveillance Project


The school bus is one of key vertical in telematics as there are many safety issues need to be monitored. As all the passengers are teenagers, locating is not enough for parents and schools ‘demands. As some drivers will refuse to take the responsibilities of accidents, videos and driving behavior analysis becomes a more and more important role in the school bus operation.

Vehicle Service System for School Bus

In April, hundreds of school buses chose Howen Vehicle Service System for school bus projects. All of the users are happy with Howen mobile DVR systems they can deliver great quality with a competitive budget. Moreover, mobile DVRs can provide not only accurate GPS but high definition videos streaming and recordings. Further, Geo-fence function of Howen VSS CMS restrict the highest speed they can drive. So they lower 20% fuel costs and nearly 50% of accidents happened as traffic accidents happened all the time because of over-speeding in Kuwait.

On the other hand, wide-angle cameras V30 help manager capture all the viewing inside the school buses and they are able to check the status of every student inside the bus as HD videos showing every detail for the streamlining.

Last but not least, Howen VSS software platform not only supports the client in the computers but also phone APP. Parents are able to check the status and location of the school bus. It can help parents feel more confident to use the services of the school bus. By now, more and more school bus want to install Howen VSS for the school bus.


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