Minsk Train Protected by Howen MDVR System

Minsk Railway Station lies in the center of the city, and it is one of the most advanced railway stations in CIS.

Railway transportation is a vital commuting tool in Minsk, and it carries thousands of passengers and goods every single day. Therefore, it’s essential to take effective measures with the best security solution for the train.

Howen brings new technologies and high standard of video surveillance according to the train environment for the customer. It’s a new experience for the customer who never used the MDVR system, which is beyond customer imagination. Based on the deep studying of the project, Howen provided a complete solution for the customer.

Howen offered the best-selling model 4ch MDVR (Hero-ME41-04) and combined with the side-view camera, and dome-camera,which can adequately monitor the condition of each compartment during passenger-flow rush hours.

Howen MDVR system has integrated with the customer platform and realized the real-time viewing video recording function.

Howen provides administrators indoor and outdoor viewing of the train and deals with various emergency issues, which can help the customer lower operating cost and prevent the unfortunate situation from happening.

Howen product shows stability and reliability in harsh conditions. What’s more, Howen provides the most advanced video surveillance system to help customers reduce the losses to resolve the security problem.

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