Paraguay Public Bus Guarded By Howen VSS

The Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America. Its southern border is entirely bordered by Argentina, while the northeast corners Brazil. The public bus is the primary transportation tool in the country. It helps the country to connect with surrounding states and regions.

To solve the commute problem for local people, Paraguay provides cross-border buses for people to travel between Brazil and Argentina, which brings convenience and benefits to every party.

Therefore, in the construction and the improvement of the transportation facilities, the public vehicle safety issue is a concern of the government.

Howen’s client runs the biggest company in the country and faces the vehicle management challenge as many other major operators.

As a leading supplier and solution provider on VSS, Howen has rich experience in designing optimized solutions based on different demands and various situations.

After one year of Howen technical support and professional services, all of the requirements were satisfied, and Howen won the project.

Howen offered the economic MDVR (Hero-ME41-04) that could support dual streams and real-time monitor for local recording, and built-in G-Sensor for harsh acceleration.

With Howen cost-effective VSS solution, the client is not only able to save operation costs and avoid high losses led by traffic accidents, but also make contributions to the modernization of public transportation.