Howen Police Solution in Kazakhstan

Background & Challenges

By utilizing highly efficient police car dispatching and fleet management MDVR solution, the government cutting down 43 million USD for annual operation. Interior Minister Kalmukhanbet said that once the cutbacks had been implemented, there would be 424 policemen per 100,000 citizens, instead of the current 471. This would bring Kazakhstan closer to the United Nations-recommended ratio of 300 police officers per 100,000 citizens, and he said (Source from Eurasianet).

As thousands of patrol cars have no video recording systems and most of the policemen equipped without cameras, cases have been taken too much time to investigate. Meanwhile, all the missions need to be trackable, and the administration can optimize the term of the action by name.


  1. Video Telematics Solution In

Provide HD video streaming & recording playbacks for police control center;

  1. Remote Monitoring control

In Howen police car video solutions, control centers can use PTZ cameras to review the live videos or checking the status of policemen’s actions;

  1. Communicating Solution

By using the two-way audio communicating system with mobile DVR and body-worn cameras, police officers can react efficiently to commands sent by the control room.

Featured Products

  • Support up to 4 AHD HD cameras;
  • Multiple platforms integrated for remote control;
  • Support Two-way audio systems for dispatching;
  • Cybersecurity standard encrypted for recordings;
  • AES encrypted data transmissions;
  • Anti-vibration based on US military standard;
  • Rich serial interfaces for PTZ system including control Keyboard;
  • Provide up to 2 months of video recordings for investigation;
  • SOS functions for emergency;

“It helps us feel more confident to do reactions when we are on duty.” – RAND Analysis

Benefits with Howen Police VSS©

Rates of assault against police officers are 15% higher when the officers wear cameras, possibly because they feel more confident about reporting crimes once they are captured on camera or because the officers did not keep their camera on throughout their shift. With Howen police car video system, all the videos, including alarm data, have been encrypted by our patent technologies, which avoids police officers change or delete the data with illegal operations.

Furthermore, it brings numbers of benefits by introducing video telematics to police in Kazakhstan:

  • Build trusts and maintain legitimacy between citizens and police;
  • Excellent reports describe the areas that criminals happen in cities;
  • Video-based investigation avoid possibilities of internal corruption;
  • 38% of first responders rank real-time video as top technology that would be helpful on the job;
  • Body-worn camera reduce assaults against officers dramatically;

Howen Police Car MDVR Solution

In Howen Police Vehicle Service System (VSS), Dual facing camera (V42) can deliver high-resolution cabin video and front-view live streaming & recordings to software platforms. Meanwhile, the PTZ camera on the top of the vehicle can provide 360 views controlling by a camera keyboard.

On the other hand, a police officer can be equipped with Howen body-worn camera recording the evidence of assaults against them. In this way, it can present to the court if anyone has objections to the police’s actions.

Meanwhile, more than 20 global fleet management software platform has been integrated with Howen Police VSS providing industrial level services for their local support with AES data encryptions. This would be the safest and most reliable solution for law enforcement.

‘What’s more? AI is coming!’

In this year, Howen is the first one solution provider introducing AI technologies to a police video system to increase efficiency and avoid human mistakes, dedicating to build up an actual ‘smart city’ with IoV concepts.

With 3rd Party algorithm and the most potent AI chipset, the Howen MDVR system can run a complex calculation to detect license plate and face recognition when an emergency occurs.


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