Howen 4ch MDVR for Solution Towing Truck in US

Howen Mobile DVR provides strong and reliable durability for long-time recording. With Howen 4ch MDVR model (Hero-ME-32-04), you can receive the ultimate in-budget flexibility with the system reliability you deserve. Howen 4ch MDVR combined with cameras (Rear View/Front View/Dome View Camera), allows the driver to monitor the situation of vehicles 360°and get all-round protection. Recorded footage will protect you against any claims, increasing your ROI every year and ultimately saving your money.


Howen Towing Truck Solution

Howen Towing Truck Solution Project image

Solution Key Features:

 Enhance Driver Visibility

360°Video Surveillance

Improve Driver Performance

Enhance Safety

Collision Avoidance

Custom Towing Truck Solution

Prevent Vehicle Damage

Eliminate Blind Spots

Maximize Operational Efficiency



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