Howen MDVR in Qatar’s Largest Driving School

Customer Background & Challenge

With more than 100,000 successful student graduates, Dalla Driving Academy is one of the most reputable choices for Expats. The school offers training programs for drivers of all ages and experience levels. Dalla Driving Academy is devoted to providing the students with professional training courses and also a secure and pleasant learning experience. With the increasing amount of students in Dalla Driving Academy, there`s a huge demand for vehicles, which also leads to the growing rate of accidents caused by bad driving behavior. Thus the school needs to take measures to prevent accidents and to ensure the effectiveness of fleet management and accuracy of daily operation.



Solution & Benefit

As leading MDVR and MDT solution provider, Howen brings remarkable benefits to the driving school:

  • Improve the operation safety

Howen MDVR solution enabled the student driving security assurance. Combined with the video cameras, now the administrator can real-time monitor the students’ behavior to prevent unexpected accidents. This not only makes the students feel more secure while learning but also makes it easier for the instructors to monitor the teaching process.

  • Save operation cost

Operation efficiency increasing by 80%. The solution not only dramatically reduces the bad driving that causes the accident but also minimizing the loss and avoids the accident. Now the school saves much on labor cost from real-time monitor video.

In the future, Howen will make progress together on VSS and develop smart, intelligent products with partners to build a safer world.


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