Spain SP Chooses Howen to Enhance Bus Management

Recently, thousands of Howen products were used in a large-scale project for an experienced leading service provider in Spain. The SP focuses on tracker business in the logistics and bus industries, serving most cities in Spain, and also providing a cutting-edge FMS platform to simplify the management of large fleets. 

At the beginning of the project, all of the buses already have trackers installed. The solutions implemented by Howen enhance the public bus management experience, making it more manageable, controllable and actionable:  AI MDVRs for high definition video recordings and AI functions, DMS cameras to monitor driver behavior, ADAS cameras to assist drivers in monitoring road conditions, and vehicle cameras  monitor the inside of the car for the collection of evidence afterward and reduce unnecessary disputes. 

In addition, Howen provides easy integration and support  with third-party systems, which allows the SP  to maximize the performance of Howen products on their FMS  platform. Then the SP has the ability to monitor drivers’ safety and compliance while driving, receive real-time alerts for irregular driving, and use alarm reports to better understand and operate their fleets. 

Along with Howen, this SP is highly recognized by their customers for delivering exceptional service by combining their expertise with their respective software and hardware products. Both companies look forward to working together to deliver more comprehensive and powerful capabilities to customers in 2022 and beyond. 

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