This is How Howen AI Thermal Scanners Restarted Institutions in Bahrain

Countries worldwide are experiencing different circumstances of COVID-19, which means they are confronting various challenges. From the overwhelmed healthcare system to the busy reopening events, companies and agencies are deeply considering any possible solutions to safely turn everything back to track.

Schools used Howen scanners for attendance

Along with the reopening of campus, schools are facing urgency to facilitate effective absenteeism monitoring systems to regularly keep informed of the students’ and staffs’ absence and body symptoms as suggested by WHO. AMA International School, one of the top institutions in Bahrain, selected Howen AI thermal scanners as important equipment to continuously and safely offer students the very best learning experiences.

The AI Thermal Scanner with the blazing-fast detecting speed can execute heavy tasks in the school while keeping a ±0.2 temperature accuracy. Also, the detectors connected with the school network can function as an absenteeism monitoring system. Staffs no longer need to stand by the entrance and check the temperature one by one. As we can see in the clip, the scanner will pop up a notification when the target object is not wearing a mask.

Thermal scanners restore more trust from clients

Not only should the companies guarantee employee safety in the workplace, providing professional and safe services will definitely amplify trust with customers. In the Middle East, thermal detection has been adopted by the airline Emirates to screen passengers who take off from Dubai. As one of the largest local financial institutions, Bahrain Credit chose Howen AI thermal detector to provide its customers with safety guarantees.

Rather than inputting on the keyboard or swipe ID cards to enter, customers of Bahrain Credit only need to walk up to the thermal detector and the door will open if the objects’ temperature is lower than 37.5℃. This contact-free detector is embedded with two starlight cameras that double up the light entering and enable it to detect objects temperature from 1.2m away, tremendously reduces staffs’ workload, and creates a safe environment for both employees and customers.



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