Uruguay Public Bus Using Howen MDT Solution

The population of Uruguay is about 3.5 million. In order to secure effective management for fleets of public service buses, Uruguay adopts the VSS solution, which is provided by Howen. “Howen will have a further development of business in Uruguay to provide better service. Future, everything is possible.” Howen Product Manager Charles said.
With the development of the passenger flow volume, Uruguay bus companies want to lower the most of human cost and improve operation efficiency, so they decide to implement a powerful system, which includes electronic ticketing system, payment system, drive attendance system, emergency intercom, mileage calculation, and the site parking.


Howen focuses on the VSS market, providing the high-performance solution for Uruguay.

  • Improve operation efficiency
    Howen combines the MDT, POS and Printer together so that the solution can provide the passengers invoices expediently. The administrator can manage the status of the vehicle in real-time. Emergency intercom can help administrators deal with accidents more quickly than before.
  • Customization
    Howen MDT solution gives the customer high convenience, so they can develop their own application and operate it on the Howen MDT devices. The advantage of the solution is bringing more flexibility

Below is a video of the application scenario: