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Enhance your fleet management!

Howen Smart Dashcam

Flexible deployment options

Product features



Panic button

Up to 512G storage

Save data when power loss

Built-in MIC and speaker


OBD Power cable plug & play


Advanced AI for more scenarios

Proven to safeguard drivers and reduce costs, Howen AI Dash Cams provide real-time incident detection and proactive in-cab coaching.

Forward Collision Warning 

Too close Warning

Lane Departure Warning

Pedestrian Collision Warning

Advanced Driving Assistance System

By providing drivers with the ability to monitor the surrounding activity, Howen AI Dash Cams offer vantage points for safe lane changes, ultimately reducing the risk of accidents.


Driver Monitoring System

Enhancing driver safety in real-time, Howen AI Dash Cams offer optional in-cab coaching to address high-risk situations like yawning, smoking, distractions, phone calls, prolonged eye closure, and more. This feature helps drivers cultivate safe driving habits and promotes overall road safety.


External DMS Cam


Easy Installation and Viewing Via Mobile App

Howen iTool

– For installation

– AI configuration

– Simple and fast

Howen VSS

– Fleet monitoring remotely

– Dashboard for quick view

– Manage by hand touch

Two-way Talk, Easy Communication

Built-in speaker and microphone, to communicate from anywhere at any time

Howen V3 Dashcam is equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone, enabling remote communication between drivers and fleet managers.

This two-way audio feature facilitates instant communication, providing instructions, addressing urgent issues, and resolving concerns during operations. The built-in microphone ensures clear audio capture for accurate documentation, contributing to more efficient and streamlined fleet management.

Overall, the integration of the speaker and microphone enhances communication capabilities, promoting effective information exchange and improved coordination.

Perfectly Work with VSS Platform and Various FMS

The fleet managers control the fleet more effectively via these management platforms and access data like video, images, and alarm details from the dashcam.

The Howen Dash Cam integrates seamlessly with VSS and various FMS platforms, offering a comprehensive fleet management solution. This integration enables centralized monitoring, control, and analysis of dashcam data, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. Fleet managers can access real-time video feeds, recorded footage, and essential information to monitor driver behavior, assess road conditions, and investigate incidents. 

The VSS platform provides a user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, and customizable reporting, empowering informed decision-making and fleet optimization. Additionally, integrating with different FMS solutions allows for seamless data exchange, providing a holistic view of fleet performance for improved resource allocation, route optimization, and proactive maintenance. 

The compatibility of the Howen AI Dashcam with VSS and various FMS platforms maximizes the benefits of video surveillance and data analysis, enabling effective fleet management, enhanced safety, and optimized operations.




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Customer Story

Thousands of Howen products have recently been used by Asia-Pacific
partner on ExxonMobil projects to help ExxonMobil fleet operate smarter.

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