• Compact but Powerful

    AI Dashcam

    ⊙ Minimum blocking driver sight
    ⊙ Smart Driver Coaching via AI
    ⊙ Respond anywhere by GSM Call

  • Simplified & Affordable

    Super Mini Dashcam

    ⊙ 5 minutes installation, plug and play
    ⊙ 1 step connected to FMS

Howen Latest Products in 2023

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At Howen, we prioritize the seamless integration of cost-effective solutions with state-of-the-art innovations. Our goal is to provide dependable video telematics products and solutions specifically tailored for commercial vehicles.

Acerca de Howen

Proveedor de Video telemetría con Inteligencia Artificial

Howen Technologies is dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of Vehicle Service Systems (VSS). We utilize the latest technologies to provide reliable VSS products and systems for commercial vehicles.

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Nuestros productos y sistemas, incluidos el software de servicio de vehículos (VSS), DVR móvil (MDVR), terminal de datos móviles (MDT), Dashcam y productos de Inteligencia Artificial (DMS, ADAS, reconocimiento facial, BSD, etc.).

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Advanced & Affordable
Video Telematics Products

Our company specializes in delivering reliable VSS (Vehicle Surveillance System) products and systems for commercial vehicles. With a focus on utilizing the latest technologies, we offer advanced solutions that incorporate telematics video technology and AI algorithms. Our dedicated R&D team consists of industry professionals with extensive experience spanning over 10 years.

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Customizable Vehicle Telematics Solutions

Howen’s solutions have greatly improved fleet management efficiency and safety for end users, significantly increasing the competitiveness of those who choose Howen.

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Video + IA

Howen provides the best AI-based video telematics products and software to enhance the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

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Howen products are highly open and compatible with third-party Fleet Management System (FMS) platforms available in the market.

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Howen has a team of dedicated professionals to provide you with comprehensive support in implementing your telematics requirements.


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Discover the latest news from Howen, where we delve into best practices and offer solutions to address the challenges faced in fleet management.

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