Intelligent VSS Solution for

Petroleo y Gas

Market Demand & Challenge

Oil& Gas is one of the most important logistics verticals, due to the  inflammable and explosive material carried on the trucks.

When accident happen, it will cause extremely serious harm, so the safe driving of tanker truck during transportation will be the top priority. So it is critical requirement to prevent from the accident, by monitoring driver behaviors, such as over speed, harsh brake, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, fatigue driving, distracted driving etc.


Howen VSS Solution for Oil & Gas

Supports live video monitoring, real time GPS tracking, snapshot base on trigger or schedule.

event video clips that can be uploaded to the central server base on alarm triggers such as over speed, non-distraction driving, collision, fuel sensor trigger or product level sensor trigger, panic trigger, etc..

integrated with customers platform, provide the comprehensive fleet management features.

ireproof box for backup recording in case of explosion; UPS for power backup, to ensure the footage is captured.

Features & Benefits

Smart Video Surveillance

  • Multi channel with built-in AI algorithm to do video analysis and send short alarm video to center when alert trigger

Multi Driver Identification

  • Face recognition
  • Ibutton reader
  • RFID reader
  • Magnetic card reader

Intelligent Fuel Monitoring

  • Fuel level change detection and alert sending to center server if abnormal alert trigger

Driver behaviors monitoring

  • Fatigue detection and alert with seat vibration to remind driver safer driving.
  • overspeed, HA, HB, HC detection with speed control system


What we do for your business

Howen Customers in Oil& Gas Industry

6 of World’s Top 10 Oil/Gas Companies are using Howen VSS system